Mule Team Project

Spyderco’s Mule Team Project is one of the most unique programs in the commercial knife industry. By definition, a “mule” is a sample knife used for in-house performance testing. Traditionally, they are made to the exact same pattern and specifications, but feature a different blade steel or heat treatment protocol. This keeps all the performance characteristics of the knife identical except for a single variable, allowing an excellent basis for objective, scientific performance-based testing.

In addition to our in-house process, Spyderco takes the mule concept one significant step further by allowing our customers to share in the fun. We manufacture identical fixed-blade mules in a wide variety of steels and make them available to our steel-obsessed customers so you can conduct your own performance testing with state-of-the-art high-performance steels. Produced in limited quantities, these Mule Team blades are highly collectible and are furnished without handles or sheaths, making them popular “kit” blades for novice knifemakers and hobbyists who want to make their own personalized knife with a genuine Spyderco blade.

If you’re a knife lover who wants to develop a deeper understanding of cutlery steels and their specific performance characteristics, the Mule Team Project is tailor made for you.

Mule Team 01
52100 / Jan-2008

Mule Team 02
CPM M4 / Oct-2008

Mule Team 03
CPM S90V / Feb-2009

Mule Team 04
ZDP 189 / Jul-2009

Mule Team 05
9Cr18Mo / Oct-2009

Mule Team 06
CPM S35VN / Jan-2010

Mule Team 07
 Damascus VG-10 / Oct-2010

Mule Team 08
Aogami Super Blue / Dec-2010

Mule Team 09
Cobalt Special / Feb-2011

Mule Team 10
CTS BD1 / Jun-2010

Mule Team 11
M390 / Jun-2011

Mule Team 12
Cru-Wear / Sep-2011

Mule Team 13
Elmax / Feb-2012

Mule Team 15
CTS B75P / Sep-2012

Mule Team 16
CTS XHP / Dec-2012

Mule Team 16

Mule Team 17
K390 / Jul-2013

Mule Team 18
CPM S110V / Feb-2014

Mule Team 19
PSF27 / Aug-2014

Mule Team 20
CTS B70P / Feb-2015

Mule Team 21
CPM 4V / Oct-2015

Mule Team 22
RWL 34 / Apr-2016

Mule Team 24
Maxamet / Aug-2016

Mule Team 25
LC 200 N / Apr-2017

Mule Team 26
Micro-Melt A11 (PMA11) / Aug-2017