Blade Shapes

assistbladeAssist Blade
(Patented blunt tip) A hollow-ground blade with a blunt tip designed to prevent accidental punctures. Designed for cutting webbing, rope, seatbelts, or clothing.

bowlebladeBowie Shaped Blade
Named after the legendary Colonel James Bowie, this term has come to describe any number of variations of a blade with a primary cutting edge with a curved "belly" and a clipped point. The clip may be sharpened or unsharpened or may be straight or concave.

doubleedgebladeDouble-Edged Blade
A blade with sharpened edges on both the primary edge and the spine or a symmetrical blade with two sharpened edges, like a dagger.

droppointbladeDrop Point Blade
A design popularized by the hunting knives of the late Bob Loveless. The spine of the blade follows a subtle convex arc to the point.

hawkbillbladeHawkbill Blade
A sharply curved blade sharpened on the concave side. Designed for cutting with a pulling stroke, it is commonly used by commercial fishermen for cutting line, webbing and netting.

leafbladeLeaf Shaped Blade
A blade shape developed and refined by Spyderco. It is similar to a spearpoint, but not completely symmetrical, and has a more acute point and typically no swedge.

modclippointbladeModified Clip Point Blade
A blade ground on the spine in an angled or sweeping line downward to meet the point.

reversesbladeReverse "S" Blade
A blade shape resembling a backwards letter "S" with the tip curving downward and the widest portion of the blade curved in a convex arc.

sheepfootbladeSheepfoot Blade
A blade with a blunt rounded tip and a straight cutting edge. The lack of a traditional point reduces the chances of accidental punctures around livestock, inflatable watercraft and during emergency cutting.

spearpointbladeSpear Point Blade
A symmetrical blade with an equal amount of curve on the spine and the cutting edge. The grind line of the primary bevel and the point both lie on the blade's centerline. Spearpoint blades often feature swedges or false edges on the back of the blade.

wharmcliffebladeWharncliffe Blade
A blade shape in which the point of the knife tapers downward from the spine to meet a straight cutting edge at the tip.