Replacement Clips

When Spyderco knives are used and carried properly, their pocket clips will last as long as the knives themselves.

Broken, lost, or bent metal clips are therefore not covered by Spyderco’s warranty. Replacement Clip Kits may be purchased directly through the Spyderco Factory Outlet (SFO).

To ensure we can provide you accurate information on a replacement clip we must know the specific model.  Please e-mail a picture of your knife to  Our staff will be happy to confirm the model and get you information for a replacement clip.

Broken molded (integral) clips can be completely removed and replaced with metal clips for $20 (Plus $5 return shipping fee).  Integral clip replacement is a repair performed by our Warranty & Repair Department.  Information about where to send your knife for repair can be found on our Warranty & Repair page.