Counterfeit Statement

When Spyderco sold its first knife more than 30 years ago, we revolutionized the concept of the modern folding knife and literally set a new standard in cutting tools. In doing so, we also immediately became one of the most imitated products in history.

At Spyderco, we have been defending our company and our reputation against poor quality knockoffs of our products for decades. Through diligent policing of the marketplace, close cooperation with U.S. and international customs authorities, and aggressive legal action, we have successfully defended the honor and integrity of our brand many times.

Today's marketplace is flooded with an increasing number of counterfeit and "look-alike" knives that are being illegally represented and sold as genuine Spyderco products. In some cases, these knives bear only a passing resemblance to our real products, but are illegally marked with our brand logo. In other cases, these imitations are frighteningly accurate reproductions of our knives made with substandard blade steel and other materials. Differentiating them from authentic, genuine Spyderco products has become increasingly difficult.

In response to this serious issue, Spyderco has redoubled its efforts to combat the manufacture, importation, and sale of counterfeit knives. Our in-house legal experts have testified in front of the U.S. Congress on this issue and continue to cooperate closely with federal and international authorities to stem the flow of illicit copy knives and punish those responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

Spyderco has worked very hard for more than three decades to earn a reputation for producing reliable, high-performance cutting tools and accessories. We deserve that hard-earned reputation and will work just as hard to protect it, our integrity, and the integrity of our products. Please support us in our efforts with your commitment to purchase only genuine Spyderco products.

Spyderco's warranty policy is fair and simple: We warrant that all of our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship. We do that because they are our products and we take full responsibility for their quality.

Logically, if we did not make something, we cannot accept any responsibility for its quality. It's that simple.

If you return a knife to us and we determine that it is not a genuine Spyderco product, we will inform you of that fact and return it to you at your expense. Under no circumstances will we perform any service or repairs—no matter how minor—on any counterfeit, knockoff, or other non-Spyderco product.

What can you do to support Spyderco's efforts and protect yourself against the risk of receiving a counterfeit knife?

The answer is a lot. Here are some suggestions:

Do your homework and become thoroughly familiar with our products before you buy. The more you understand the quality and features of our genuine products, the easier it will be for you to spot and avoid fakes.

Remember that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Spyderco makes premium-quality knives from premium-quality materials and price our products appropriately. If you see a Spyderco knife being sold for a ridiculously low price, it's probably not a genuine product.

Buy your knives exclusively from Spyderco directly or from reputable dealers who sell only genuine, name-brand knives. You may pay a little more, but the service and peace of mind you will have are well worth it. And, in the unlikely event, your knife requires service, you can return it to us with the confidence that we will stand behind it.

One of Spyderco's most powerful weapons against counterfeit knives is our devoted community of fans. Those who have used real Spyderco knives swear by them and help us police the marketplace for counterfeits. They also help other Spyderco fans avoid being cheated. By joining the forums on our website (, you can have access to the latest information on counterfeit trends and threats. You can also ask questions, post pictures of suspect knives, and ask for dealer recommendations to avoid the disappointment of buying a counterfeit knife.