The Mule Team™ 09 Cobalt Special shown open and closed

Mule Team™ 09 Cobalt Special


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Technical Specs

Spyderco Mule Team  9 (Cobalt Special) 

Welcome to the Mule Team Project by Spyderco. In the English language the term mule has multiple definitions: There's the obvious equine reference being the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. It can be a coin minted from two dies by mistake and the auto industry refers to their test vehicles as a mules. Spyderco also calls knife models designed and built for testing and evaluation Mules. When a group of these are brought together they make a team of mules, thus the name of our new knife release: The Mule Team.

Knife and steel-devotees love trying out new blade steels. Spyderco leads the industry in offering, testing and manufacturing knives using new and exotic blade steels. Taking that idea a step up, why not offer a series (team) of blades using different, exotic and freshly unveiled steels? In doing this steel-obsessed knife knuts can try, test and use something normally not offered to the industry.

Spyderco's Mule Team is a single-piece fixed blade pattern. The blade is leaf-shaped with a sharpened and finished PlainEdge blade but with an unfinished handle providing some a do-it-yourself opportunity. The unfinished handle has a series of holes for attaching a custom handle or for wrapping in cord. All Mule Team Pieces are sold without handle scales or a carry sheath focusing the project on the blade steel and opening the door for the owner to create his/her own handle scale and carry options.

The Mule team project was created as a simple, inexpensive venue for "steel junkys" to have an opportunity to test different blade steels themselves. Each run will have different interesting steel. Each run will have the same pattern, a fixed blade with a full tang. Each run will have the same thickness, grind, edge and will be heat treated to the optimal hardness for that steel. No handle, scales or sheath are provided. This not only saves you funds, but gives you the opportunity to make (or have made) custom handles and sheaths.

MT09- Mule Team Cobalt Special ' February 2011

Takefu is a premier Japanese steel company specializing in the production of steels used for household and industrial cutlery. They produce blades using clad steel. Clad steels are a composite of different metals some hard, some softer, fused or bonded to each other. Pairing different steel types together elevates performance by combining the best characteristics of each material and where the steels overlay each other, a fine Hamon or line develops. Traditional Japanese swords featured clad steels, layering tough harder steel with softer bendable ones which resulted in a steel combination that made them difficult to break or bend. Spyderco's MT09 Mule Team is Takefu's Cobalt Special steel enveloped within slices of SUS420J2. The two steels laminated as one boost toughness, improve corrosion resistance and generate lasting sharpness in a blade that is relatively easy to sharpen.

Overall Length
7.625 " (194mm)
Blade Length
3.313" (84mm)
Cobalt Special
Closed Length
n/a" (n/amm)
Edge Length
3.313 " (84mm)
2.7.oz (76g)
Blade Thickness
.125 " (3mm)
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type

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