Yojimbo™ 2 Carbon Fiber CPM 20CV Exclusive


$329.95 MSRP

Technical Specs

Available Exclusively at JB Outman. For more information and current pricing please visit JBOutman.com.

This limited-edition Exclusive version of the Spyderco Yojimbo™ 2 was specially produced for JB Outman Distributing and is unique in several ways. Its blade is crafted from CPM® 20CV—a highly wear resistant, powder metallurgy stainless steel. This high-performance material is unique in that it contains a high volume of vanadium carbides and the highest amount of chromium of any vanadium-rich stainless steel currently available. This potent combination of elements gives it a remarkable combination of high wear resistance, superior corrosion resistance, good impact toughness, and excellent polishability. These properties are further enhanced by the powder metallurgy process, which ensures an extremely clean steel with small carbides and a very fine grain size.

Equally unique, the handle of this Yojimbo 2 features smooth solid carbon fiber handle scales. This stunning, state-of-the-art material is lightweight and incredibly strong and provides an ideal home for the nested stainless steel liners that form the foundation of the knife's high-strength Compression Lock™ mechanism. A black four-position pocket clip completes the package, supporting all possible carry options and ensuring the knife is always instantly accessible.

A truly unique expression of one of Spyderco's most dynamic models, this Exclusive Yojimbo 2 is the perfect knife for users and collectors alike.

Overall Length
7.69" (195mm)
Blade Length
3.20" (81mm)
Closed Length
4.49" (114mm)
Edge Length
2.95" (75mm)
4.0oz (113g)
Blade Thickness
0.145" (3.7mm)
Carbon Fiber
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type
United States

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