Spyderco Native4 Carbon Fiber


$259.95 MSRP

Technical Specs

The Spyderco Native Model is taking on a notable life. Starting out as a folder engineered for the human hand, the model continues evolving with newer materials and blade steels. The Native4 is all about ergonomics like its predecessor but comes with a carbon fiber handle, flat ground VG-10 blade and a four-way ambidextrous pocket clip.

What positions the Native as a winner in ergonomic measurement is its two finger indents. The first, closest to the blade, positions the index finger for choking up and controlling the cutting edge. The second indent holds the middle section of your hand on the handle so it cuts/handles like a high-performance sports car - smooth, controlled, effortlessly. The spear-point shaped blade is VG-10, flat-ground and available in a PlainEdge with a weight reducing swedge grind at the spine. The carbon fiber handle houses full skeletonized internal liners and a mid-positioned backlock.

Overall Length
7" (178mm)
Blade Length
3.063" (78mm)
Closed Length
3.938" (100mm)
Edge Length
2.5" (64mm)
3.125oz (89g)
Blade Thickness
.125" (3mm)
Carbon Fiber
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type

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