The Military™ Foliage Green CPM D2 shown open and closed

Military™ Foliage Green CPM D2


$189.95 MSRP

Technical Specs

Since 1996 the C36 Military has been a cornerstone in Spyderco's Save and Serve line up. The Military Model came about after someone asked Spyderco's owner Sal Glesser, "If your son were going into the military what folding knife would you send him with?" The question raised three powerful considerations: 1. The blade had to have relentless cutting performance and edge life. 2. It had to be lightweight, ergonomically usable. 3. For field-use it needed to be made as indestructible and failsafe as humanly possible. Given the requirements we also felt one of the "functions" of the design was to be a "test bed" for materials. It's large enough and light enough to get some serious use. (Small knives are not often used hard, and heavy knives are not often carried).

This most recent version of our 'Millie' has a modified clip-point blade made of experimental steel from Crucible, CPM D2. CPM D2 has the same composition as D2, but it's made in a particle metallurgy format. This change in the process compliments the Molybdenum and Vanadium properties of reduced grain size; thus providing greater strength and toughness. The elements of CPM D2 Steel allow for superior cutting performance and edge retention. Due to the materials in CPM D2, you'll find that we have coated the blade with a petroleum based moisture displacer and enclosed the knife in plastic bag to minimize oxidation. Spyderco recommends regular cleaning, lubrication and storage after each use for optimum performance.

Just as in our standard "Millie" this limited production run features a 14 mm Spyderco Round Hole for quick deployment and for use with gloves. Texturing above the hole (Jimping) holds the thumb in contact with the blade's spine during cutting for confident control over the sharpened edge. The handle scales are custom-made Foliage Green G-10 with the lock's liner nested (inlayed) directly into the scale, pumping up lock strength. Spacers between the scales create a gap running the handle's full length exposing the inside workings for inspection and cleaning. The handle flares slightly at the front end creating a finger choil and at the butt end, which keeps the knife from slipping forward or backward in the hand while sawing or making tough or aggressive cuts. A contoured black metal clip is set for right-hand tip-down carry. Proudly manufactured in Golden, Colorado.

Overall Length
9.5" (241mm)
Blade Length
4" (102mm)
Closed Length
5.5" (140mm)
Edge Length
3.687" (94mm)
4.4oz (124g)
Blade Thickness
.145" (3.7mm)
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type
United States

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