The 308FCBN Golden Stone™/Webfoot™ Set shown open and closed

308FCBN Golden Stone™/Webfoot™ Set


$270.00 MSRP

308FCBN Golden Stone™/Webfoot™ Set


Technical Specs

Spyderco’s Webfoot and Golden Stone offer a uniquely different approach to knife and tool sharpening. They can be used anywhere, set up in seconds, and do not require oil, water, electricity, or any complicated clamps or fixtures.

Resting the wide end of either sharpener on a flat surface and rocking it from side to side aligns its outer edges at the perfect 40-degree included angle for utility knife edges. Simply keep the plane of your blade vertical and draw it from heel to tip. Their ABS plastic base reduces that angle to 30 degrees for keener edges and thinner, high-performance knives. Laid on their sides, these sharpeners offer a 12.5-degree angle for sharpening scissors and shears. Both sharpeners also include rounded edges, grooves, and flat areas that provide multiple abrasive surfaces to sharpen all blade profiles, serrated edges, and tools of all shapes and sizes.

The Webfoot’s aggressive 600-mesh Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) abrasive removes steel quickly and is ideal for reprofiling edges or sharpening very dull knives to a utility edge. For touch ups or to achieve a more refined edge after using the Webfoot, the Golden Stone features a fine-grit ceramic abrasive. Suede pouches protect both sharpeners when not in use and do double duty as non-slip mats during the sharpening process.

This set includes one Golden Stone, one Webfoot, two suede pouches, one plastic base, and an illustrated instruction book that explains how to use the sharpeners to put an edge on practically any cutting tool in your home.

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