The original Spyderco CLIPIT was introduced in 1981.We were the first company to use the clothing clip as part of our knife design.The clip is located on one side of the knife handle and allows you to securely attach the knife to a pocket or other convenient location for easy access. CLIPITS are designed to be carried with the knife on the inside of the pocket and the clip on the outside.In this position the knife is secure and protected and can be easily removed when needed. The knife sits flat along the inside of the pocket for comfortable carry regardless of size.

Clip placement also determines whether the tip of the knife blade points up for tip up carry or down for tip down carry . Carry configuration depends on the overall knife design. Each carry configuration requires a different accessing technique, though both work equally well. The clothing clip is now a popular folding knife feature industry-wide.Spyderco alone makes a wide variety of clip styles.