Knife Care

Care and Feeding of Your Spyderco

Spyderco knives are an investment. Knives are designed to perform one particular function, that is cutting. With that in mind Spyderco uses exclusively high-carbon stainless steels. High-carbon premium stainless steels provide superior edge retention but can rust if not correctly cared for (rust is rarely the result of a manufacturing defect). Rust may form when your knife is used in a saltwater environment or exposed to moisture in general. If surface rust appears, buff the steel with a metal polishing compound before the steel becomes pitted. Thoroughly rinse salt water off with fresh water, dry your knife completely (inside and out) and apply a light coat of oil or silicone to all steel parts.

To ensure safe operation regularly inspect the interior of the knife for pocket lint and grime. Clean both the well of the lock and inside the handle often using a toothpick, hot water and mild soap or detergent. Rinse thoroughly, dry the knife inside and out and lubricate all steel components with oil or silicone. A couple drops of lubricant at the locking and pivot points will ensure smooth action.

Always Keep Your Knife Sharp

A sharp knife makes cutting easier and safer. The longer a knife goes without edge maintenance the more difficult sharpening becomes. You can easily uphold your factory edge (plain and serrated) at home with Spyderco's Tri-Angle Sharpmaker or ProFile set. You also can return your knife to Spyderco's corporate headquarters for complimentary sharpening for as long as you own it. The costs and responsibility involved in shipping the knife to and from Spyderco are the responsibility of you, the original owner. If we determine that your edge is irreparable our Warranty and Repair Department will contact you.