Spyderco Barong


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Technical Specs


Civilizations create knives.Derived cutlery styles are individual and linked to the culture, ethnicity and-? geographic domain of the people.-?Philippines vibrant cutlery history is as varied as its indigenous people. A Filipino knife of the Moro people is a Barong. Barongs are wide, leaf-shaped blades.They come in all sizes, long and short, but commonly have thick curving bellies angling downward and aligning the wrist with the cutting edge.

Championing ethnic-influenced knifemaking is artist Ed Schempp. A curious world wanderer, Ed is also an esteemed metallurgist, Damascus maker, wheat farmer and knife designer. He's crafted several stylized ethnic folders with Spyderco, the latest based on the Barong. A pronounced spine-cusp and choil indent give great control over the wide and stable blade, designed originally for controlling vegetation and personal safety. The blade is VG-10 and ground fully-flat. Its G-10 handle is foliage green with a Michael Walker LinerLock-?, full- length internal liners and an ambidextrous tip-up clip. -?

Overall Length
8.875" (225mm)
Blade Length
3.938" (100mm)
Closed Length
4.938" (125mm)
Edge Length
3" (76mm)
4.2oz (120g)
Blade Thickness
.125" (3mm)
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type

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