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Spyderco Mule Team 16 (CTS-XHP) ~ MT16

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MSRP $59.95

Overall Length 7.63" (194 mm) Blade Length 3.46" (88 mm) Steel CTS XHP
Closed Length () Edge Length 3.31" (84 mm) Weight 2.8 oz (79 g)
Blade Thickness 0.118" (3.0 mm) Handle N/A

What is a MULE?  For details on the project, look here: - Spyderco Mule Team

Mule Team16 is made with CTS XHP powdered steel produced exclusively by Carpenter Steel Corporation of Reading, Pennsylvania U.S.A.
CTS XHP is air hardened, high carbon, high chromium, corrosion resistant blade steel.  It exhibits exceptional hardness similar to that found in tool steels such as D2, but also offers corrosion resistance on par with high chromium stainless steels like Type-440C.
The powdered steel manufacturing process renders the steel’s ingredients and its carbides with a more consistent grain size.  When grains are similar sized, the result is a more homogenized steel structure.  For the person cutting with the blade this translates into higher-performing knife steel that has exceptional wear and corrosion resistance and long lasting edge retention.  CTS XHP contains hard vanadium carbides further augmenting its hardness level to produce a keenly sharp cutting edge and surface finish.  Even exposed to moisture, petroleum products and organic materials it exhibits exceptional corrosion resistance.   

We are unable to hand pick Mule Teams before they are shipped.