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Spyderco named this knife after its principal job function, to Assist. More info...

Spyderco Szabo Folder ~ C146CF

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MSRP $299.95

Overall Length 10.25" (260 mm) Blade Length 4.60" (117 mm) Steel CPM S30V
Closed Length 5.65" (144 mm) Edge Length 4.09" (103 mm) Weight 6.9 oz (196 g)
Blade Thickness 0.157" (4 mm) Handle Carbon Fiber/G-10 Laminate

Laci Szabo is a law enforcement officer, a veteran U.S. Marine, and a world-class martial artist. He is also one of the most visionary knife designers in the industry, combining a unique flair for aesthetics with an in-depth understanding of function and defensive application.

The heart of Spyderco’s Szabo folder is its 4.60-inch CPM S30V scimitar-shaped blade. Its partial hollow grind creates excellent edge geometry while reinforcing the spine for increased strength. A Trademark Round Hole™ in the blade supports swift one-handed opening with either hand and, together with a subtle guard on the edge side of the blade, effectively protects the user’s hand during use. An unsharpened swedge on the back of the blade ensures an acute point and flows smoothly into a scalloped area on the spine that enhances the blade’s trapping potential when applied with reverse-grip skills.

The Szabo’s generously sized handle is constructed of full stainless steel liners capped by Gold Line carbon fiber/G-10 laminate scales. This striking material consists of an outer layer of carbon fiber embedded with gold-colored wire that is laminated to a G-10 base layer. Visually stunning yet incredibly durable, it provides a secure, non-slip grip.

To cope with the extreme leverages associated with its longer blade, the Sazabo folder features Spyderco’s high-stength Compression Lock accompanied by an internal “self-close” mechanism. Nested within one of the handle halves, this mechanism uses a spring piston to engage a plate attached to the blade tang. When the blade is closed, the piston gains mechanical leverage to rotate the plate, keeping the blade nestled securely in the handle for safe carriage. A four-position clip supports tip-up or tip-down carry on either side of the body.

A dynamic synthesis of form and function, the Laci Szabo folder faithfully captures both the creativity and practicality of its designer.

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