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Spyderco Edge Angle Guide ~ AG1

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The "Edge-Angle-Guide" is an experiment.  It's a test to see if the design is effective and the piece is desirable.  Original design by Ivan Rozhkov of Russia.

Edge angles are very important in the manufacture and use of cutting tools.

At Spyderco we use a tool called a Goniometer.  It is dedicated tool used to determine edge angle by shooting a laser beam directly at the edge and then measuring the angle of the split beam.

The "Edge-Angle-Guide" was designed by a Russian Knife Collector as a simple way to measure edge angle of knives.  It is based on a similar guide used for chisel and plane blades.

We provide tip guards as the knife will have to be close to your eyes when reading the angle.  Be sure to use the tip guards.  We also recommend eye protection, again for the same reason.

If the demand is there, we will be happy to make the piece for production.  The test consists of several hundred pieces and then we'll respond to feedback.

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