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Spyderco Bushcraft Factory Second ~ FB26

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MSRP $299.95

Overall Length 8.75 " (222 mm) Blade Length 4 " (102 mm) Steel O-1
Closed Length () Edge Length 3.938 " (100 mm) Weight 6.2 oz. (175 g)
Blade Thickness .141 " (3.5 mm) Handle Spalted Stabilized Maple Burl

This knife is no longer available


The Bushcraft knife pattern was created with outdoor use in mind. Spyderco fixed blades, just like our foldersrnare fabricated using high tech materials, attention to ergonomic comfort andrncutting safety as a primary focus.

Bushcraft asrnan outdoor sport has an interesting history. It follows a regime of survival skills derived originally from southernrnhemisphere Bushmen. Today it's mainstreamedrnby UK resident Ray Mears through his televised programs outlining how to thrive andrnsurvive skillfully and comfortably in nature with nothing but a knife. Spyderco's version of a Bushcraft knife is a resultrnof a three-fold collaboration between Tactical Bushcrafter Chris Claycombe, arnBushcraft website called BushcraftUK.com and Spyderco designers.



Bushcraft knivesrnhave specific parameters such as having blades between 4-6 inches. Spyderco's is typical of the genre with a 4-inchrnblade (no handguard) that's fully-tanged. It has a Scandinavian grind, or Scandi grind. Scandi edges have a single bevel or doublernbevel but use a zero grind no secondary bevel. The result is wide and flat,rncutting with strength and able to withstand twisting and hacking. The blade is O-1 tool steel. Bushcrafters don't seek the characteristicsrnof stainless over the performance of high-carbon edge retention and this is whyrntraditional Bushcraft knives are produced using tool steel. O-1's high carbon content offers long-term cuttingrnretention but sharpens easily when laying on a new edge. The knife carries on a belt or strap encasedrnin a leather sheath. Blueprinted forrnwilderness chores, it slices, chops, whittles and processes game in traditionalrnBushcraft style.



TruernBushcraft knives have organic-material handles. Our handle is spalted maple burl that's contoured for continuous comfortrnand comes with a backup lanyard hole. Spyderco chose end grain spalted maple burl for its beauty. Although it has been stabilized, thisrnparticular combination in wood makes it extremely vulnerable. Intense dryness and extreme weather orrnenvironmental changes can cause stress to the wood which we were about to findrnout. Not long after the batch of knives arrived we found that the handles beganrncracking. We contacted the supplier of the wood and it was recommended that thernwood be treated with boiled linseed oil in an effort to stop the cracking,rnwhich we immediately did.



Wernconsidered removing the handles and replacing them however because an epoxy wasrnused to secure the wood we found it extremely difficult to remove and thernspecialized shape and contours of the handle difficult to recreate.



In spite ofrnall of our efforts the wood continued to crack leaving us with only one alternativernwhich was to sell the knives as seconds. Factory seconds are not covered underrnwarranty.

There are arnnumber of wood fillers on the market that can be used to fill the cracks in thernhandle of your knife.

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