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Spyderco Military Carbon Fiber S90V ~ C36CF90

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MSRP $221.95

Overall Length 9.5" (241mm) Blade Length 4" (102mm) Steel CPM S90V
Closed Length 5.5" (140mm) Edge Length 3.687" (94mm) Weight 4oz (115g)
Blade Thickness .145" (3.7 mm) Handle Carbon Fiber


Someone once asked Spyderco's chief designer "if your son or daughter were deployed, what knife would you send with them?" The question raised three powerful considerations: 1. The blade had to have relentless cutting performance and edge life. 2. It had to be lightweight, ergonomically usable. 3. For field-use it needed to be made as indestructible and failsafe as humanly possible.

The resulting Military Model, or Millie, covered all considerations by pairing a premium stainless blade with a slim handle that feels like a natural extension of the hand. Our C36CF90VP is a variation on that standard, limited in number and availability. It's a classic Millie with a high-end twist. It has a peel-ply carbon fiber handle and Crucible Steel's CPM S90V exotic alloy blade.

Made in Golden, Colorado U.S.A. Earth

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