H-1 Will Not Rust!

Spyderco Salt I Yellow FRN ~ C88YL


H1 is a PH steel meaning it is a precipitation-processed alloy, that's rolled hard without heat-treating and has . More info...

Spyderco Superhawk ~ C116

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MSRP $269.95

length overall 7.875" (200mm) blade length 3.5" (89mm) blade steel VG-10
length closed 4.687" (119mm) cutting edge 2.75" (71mm) weight 4.4oz (125g)
blade thickness .156" (4mm) handle material Carbon Fiber

Nothing is more appropriately engineered for downward, pulling cuts than a Hawkbill blade. The tip's curve holds what you're cutting against the sharp edge for failsafe, downward-motion cutting, done at arms length. On that same note, nothing says high-tech more than a carbon fiber handle and VG-10 steel blade. The outcome of paring state-of-the-art material components with the Hawkbill blade shape is the SuperHawk.

VG-10 blade steel holds court as one of the hardest performing knife steels in the industry today. A high percentage of carbon and cobalt earn its honors for cutting aptitude and edge retention. Full flat-ground, the blade is available PlainEdged. The handle is peel ply carbon fiber, an ultra light laminate with formidable tensile strength and a woven texture that sticks to the palm putting the brakes on forward or backward sliding. Left- right-hand wire clip is pocket friendly, clipping the knife to carry deeply while being easy on the fabric.

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