Includes leather case

Ceramic File Set ~ 400F


This complete set of ceramic files includes round, square, triangle, and slip (teardrop) shapes and is ideal for sharpening small tools. More info...

byrd 8Tool Harp ~ BY13

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MSRP $39.95

Overall Length 6.563" (167 mm) Blade Length () Steel
Closed Length 3.75" (95 mm) Edge Length () Weight 4..625 oz. (117 g)
Blade Thickness () Handle

It's called a Harp Tool because it's silhouette is evocative of the musical instrument. The byrd Harp has eight functional tools which rotate out individually from an outer ring and snap open, ready for use. Included: a slotted-head and Phillips-head screwdriver, punch/awl, gimlet, saw, corkscrew, file and small/large-head hammer that doubles as a bottle opener. When folded flat the Harp slips into a leather carrying case. It's like having a micro toolbox for your kitchen, car, boat, backpack or bike.

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