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Ceramic File Round ~ 400F1R


This round ceramic file is ideal for sharpening gouges and woodcarving tools. More info...

Spyderco Native FRN Black Blade ~ C41BBK

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Overall Length 7" (178mm) Blade Length 3.125" (80mm) Steel CPM S30V
Closed Length 3.938" (100mm) Edge Length 2.625" (67mm) Weight 2.65oz (75.2g)
Blade Thickness .125" (3mm) Handle FRN

No longer available

Spyderco Native FRN Black Blade
Engineered for the human hand, the Native's ergonomic design maximizes cutting ability while minimizing discomfort and fatigue. This model is all about combining performance and comfort. Since the portion of the knife most in contact with the user is the handle, that became key while the model was in initial development on the drawing table.

We've created a handle pattern with two separate finger choils. The first choil (where the blade and handle meet) allow positioning the index finger closer to the knife's sharpened edge for control over the cutting surface. Behind the first choil, the second positions the hand farther back on the folder for dexterous cutting while pushing the blade away from you. Bi-Directional Texturing molded into the FRN handle form varying levels of steps minimizing forward or backward sliding.

Carved out of the locking lever is a David Boye Dent insuring the lock remains safely engaged even when gripping the handle forcefully. A section of non-sharpened serrations line the blade's spine yield an additional slip resistant point for the thumb. The blade itself is hollow-ground CPM S30V steel with a weight reducing swedge ground from the spine. A black steel tip-up clip can be placed ambidextrously on both sides of the handle via a barrel-shaped screw that doubles as a lanyward.

Made in Golden, Colorado U.S.A. Earth

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