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Thread: Older Delica G2 or AUS8

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    Older Delica G2 or AUS8

    Which would be better, or is there much difference in the Delica with G2 stainless or AUS8 stainless. Thanks,

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    i really dont know which steel is better but the aus-8's come with the molded fat clip and the g-2's come with the really thin molded clip, if you were going to carry the knife i would go for the aus-8 because of the fat clip, i would assume over the years the steel gets better and the g-2 came before the aus-8, hope this helps even though i didnt answer your question at all
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    Like most questions involving steels Spyderco has used, which of those two is "better" depends on what characteristics are most important to you. According to The Spyderco Story, AUS-8 offers a finer edge and greater resistance to rusting, while GIN-1 (aka G-2) offers greater toughness and a longer lasting edge.
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    Question old versus new

    I still own some Spyders with both of those steels. I don't use either one of them much at all anymore. Because there are some excellent steels being used by Spyderco now that sort of make those older steels not so desirable.

    I guess you could have this analogy>> Why would you want to drive to work in a Go Kart when you could use a really nicer & newer vehicle which is better in every respect.

    But just for the record I always found GIN-1 ( G-2) considerably tougher to sharpen and not easy to keep an edge on compared to like VG-10 or S30V.

    AUS-8 to me is so outdated even though it was a decent blade in it's time.. It would be like me going back to a truck I drove 20 years ago versus the one I drive now.

    But if I had to pick one or the other I would go with GIN-1
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