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Thread: Anybody own a Bark River "Snowy River"

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    Anybody own a Bark River "Snowy River"

    Experience with it, impressions, feedback?
    Thinking of picking one up.
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    I have a mikro Canuck and am VERY impressed with it. Though much different, Bark River are very high won't be dissappointed

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    Yes, I do in fact own a Bark River "Snowy River". I won it!! It has Tulipwood handles. It is a fantastic knife; well balanced, comfy in the hands, and WICKED sharp!!! You can't go wrong with any Bark River that you choose!!
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    I don't have a Snowy River, but my Clip Point Skinner came last week. BRK&T can't be beat, especially for the money. Mine feels just right in hand and the ergos are great. Fit and finish is outstanding.

    The only drawback is that they tend to be smaller than you think. They say "This is not a small knife--it is the size that most of us would consider an average size Hunting Knife.", so be aware of that when shopping.

    Mine with some friends...
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