Spyderco Swick 2


$90.05 MSRP

Technical Specs

Spyderco often revives a previously discontinued model, offers it with different materials or a design alteration and makes it available again for a short time or in a limited number. Our latest is the Swick2.

Swift & Quick: The original Spyderco Swick was developed for fast deployment and lightweight carry. The latest revival holds true to the original but with CPM S30V blade steel. The Swick2 is a limited 600 piece run with design elements from both SpydercoG??s Sal Glesser and French knife designer Fred Perrin. Perrin, best known for adding an over-sized index finger hole to his fixed blades, uses this on the Swick. Once the finger is through the hole, the knife is safely retained in the closed hand until the finger is removed. This frees up the fingertips for using/grasping while still holding the knife in a cut-ready position.

Palm-sized, the fixed-bladeG??s handle is skeletal without scales allowing the user to create/add a personalized handle or cord wrap. Made of a solid piece of tumbled-finished CPM S30V stainless steel the blade has a Leaf-shape, fully-flat ground with The Spyderco Round Trademark Hole.

The Swick is sold without a sheath or scales leaving carry options and sheath design up to the preference of its owner.

Overall Length
5.875 " (149mm)
Blade Length
2.375 " (60mm)
Closed Length
" (mm)
Edge Length
2.375 " (60mm)
1.7.oz (48g)
Blade Thickness
.125 " (3mm)
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type
United States

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