Spyderco Spur Stainless Steel


$99.95 MSRP

Technical Specs

The Spur is back. Spyderco introduced the Spur in 1995, then in due course discontinued it to make room in our line for new incoming knives. Rising phoenix-like, we've made a 2004 version only for a short time and limited in number. Akin to it's predecessor, the new Spur is small, stainless and well equipped to cut.

What made the first generation well-liked is here in the second round. Its diminutive size make it comfortable to handle and use, but having a stainless handle adds enough weight to give it some substance. The blade is a short thick, piece of VG-10 that's hollow-ground. Technically called a drop-point, the blade's belly is modified, (curving outward a little closer to the tip than a traditional drop-point) then meeting the tip, coming together to a sturdy point. Inset with slip-stopping gray Kraton, its handle is capped with a backlock with the David Boye Dent. A real low-rider, it attaches deeply in the pocket with a tip-down metal clip.

Discontinued Product - No Longer Available

Overall Length
5.687" (144mm)
Blade Length
2.375" (60mm)
Closed Length
3.313" (84mm)
Edge Length
2.063" (52mm)
3oz (84g)
Blade Thickness
.093" (2.5mm)
Stainless Steel
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type

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