The Reverse™ is an exciting new fixed-blade knife that represents a literal meeting of the minds of two renowned personal-defense instructors who are also veteran Spyderco collaborators. Craig Douglas, aka “Southnarc,” is a veteran law enforcement officer, an expert martial artist and a highly respected close-combat instructor. Best known to Spyderco enthusiasts as the designer of the popular P’Kal folding knife, he is also a leading proponent of “reverse-edge” knife tactics in which the knife is held so the cutting edge faces back toward the user. This style of grip allows the body’s major muscle groups to power the edge and generates devastating cutting power.

Michael Janich is a noted author and instructor and a leading authority on all aspects of personal defense. He is an advocate of “edge-out” knife skills in which the edge faces away from the user. Janich’s system of Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) focuses on using the knife to cut key anatomical targets to immediately disable an attacker.

Several years ago, Douglas and Janich were both featured instructors at the NE Shooters Training Summit in New Hampshire. After several students suggested that their different approaches to knife tactics made them rivals in the tactical community, the two instructors (who are actually good friends) decided to prove them wrong. They brainstormed to co-design a knife that would work equally well edge in or edge out and ideally allow students to understand and appreciate the logic of both approaches.

After agreeing that the basic form of the knife would be a fixed-blade version of Douglas’ P’Kal folder, the two defined the other design features of the knife and sheath that they both felt were critical. Janich then translated these into a drawing and ultimately a handmade nylon concept model, complete with molded Kydex® sheath. After a few additional refinements, they presented the idea to Spyderco and the rest, as they say, is history.

The defining characteristic of the Reverse—and the inspiration for its name—is its unique reversible handle. It consists of two textured black G-10 scales that are carefully machined to create a hollow cavity for the blade tang. The scales are secured to the concealed tang, which extends two-thirds the length of the handle, by three sets of bolts. By removing the bolts with the Torx® T-8 wrench included with every knife, the scales can be easily removed and mounted to the tang with the blade’s edge facing either direction. Whether you prefer edge-out or reverse-edge tactics—or you just want to experiment with either one—the Reverse allows you to quickly and easily configure your knife accordingly while maintaining the same highly evolved handle ergonomics.

The Reverse’s blade is precision machined from CTS® BD1 stainless steel—an affordable, highly corrosion-resistant steel that takes and holds an exceptionally keen edge. Its slightly concave edge profile and full-flat grind give it a very acute point and an extremely aggressive low-drag edge geometry.

Because the Reverse is intended to function in both edge-in and edge-out configurations, its sheath must also support the full scope of carry positions. By maintaining careful symmetry at the juncture of the blade and handle, the Reverse fits its custom-molded Boltaron® sheath securely in both edge orientations. The symmetrical sheath also allows the angle-adjustable G-Clip™ mount to be attached to either side to support both belt and inside-the-waistband carry on either side of the body.

Great minds don’t have to think alike to achieve something special. Putting aside the dogma and thinking together often yields better results. The Reverse is proof of that.


Changing the edge orientation of the Reverse is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. These step-by-step instructions will walk you through the process in detail and explain some of the finer points of the design and its hardware.

The primary tool needed for this process is a Torx® T-8 wrench, which is included with every Reverse knife. Although not always required, a 3/32-inch flat punch or similar tool is also helpful to push the bolts out of the handle.

First, remove the knife from its sheath and cover the sharp edge and point of the blade with the cardboard shipping sleeve that came with your knife. If you no longer have the shipping sleeve, carefully cover the edge and point of the blade with heavy adhesive tape. The Reverse is shipped with a very sharp edge, so please make sure to cover the edge and point and pay close attention to safety throughout this process.

Place the knife on a computer mouse pad, towel, or similar padded surface so the screw heads of the handle fasteners face up and the blade faces away from you. Hold the handle down securely with one hand while you use the Torx tool with the other hand to loosen and remove all three screws. Starting closest to the blade, use the Torx tool or the tip of the flat punch to push the female side of each handle bolt out the opposite side. If they are stubborn, tap the punch lightly to loosen and remove the bolt. Then, separate the scales and remove them from the tang.

Once you have removed the scales, turn the blade over and reverse the disassembly process to reattach the handle. Note that the female sides of the two handle bolts closest to the blade are “D” bolts with one flat side. They fit the “D-shaped” holes in the tang to keep them from turning and may need to be rotated during assembly to align them. For reference, the flat side of the “D” faces the spine side of the blade. Also, the female portion of the bolt nearest the handle butt is different than the other two. It has a special fluted texture around the head that grips the G-10 scale to prevent it from turning. This bolt should only be used in the handle hole nearest the handle butt.

To prevent the handle screws from loosening, we recommend applying a drop of temporary thread-locking compound to the threads of each screw before final assembly. Once your handle is configured to meet your needs, carefully remove the blade sleeve or protective tape and place the knife back in its sheath.

By following these simple steps, your Reverse will “live up to its name” and give you the best of both worlds in defensive knife options.


Spyderco began exporting knives and accessories in the early 1980s. Today we export to 65 countries and all continents except Antarctica, although there are scientific groups there using our knives. Conducting business from afar is easier in today’s technological climate than it was 30 years ago, but nothing is more business-friendly than face-to-face meetings and communication when introducing the Spyderco brand to the world.

Each Spyderco crew member has a hand in making our knives and sharpeners globally available. Several times per year employees hit the road for meetings with international dealers, distributors and end-line users. This month the Spyderco crew headed to Europe where they split into two teams to cover more ground. One hosted a meet-up of nearly 100 Spyderco fans, custom knifemakers and international media in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The other Spyderco contingency braved winter in Sweden for a meeting with our longtime distributor in Stockholm, Rocky Mountain. The crew reconvened in Nuremberg, Germany for the IWA (Internationale Waffen Ausstellung ) & OutdoorClassics Trade Fair March 6-10. IWA is one of the world’s largest conventions, with 1340-plus exhibitors showcasing outdoor and hunting accessories, firearms and security products to international suppliers. In 2014, the show hosted more than 40,000 attendees, 40% of whom were visitors from Germany. The remaining 60% included guests from over 117 other countries, making IWA a “must-go” event for introducing Spyderco knives to the international marketplace.

Spyderco’s global success has influenced not only our business model but at times even our product development and manufacturing direction. An example of this came when the British government changed their long-standing knife laws several years ago, banning knives that lock open. Our UK distributor requested that Spyderco design and manufacture non-locking folders that met their new legal parameters. In response we developed a number of non-locking folders called SLIPIT™ and ClipJoint™ and have had completed similar projects for Denmark, Australia and Germany.


Spyderco has one employee we term our “far-away guy.” Spyderco employs a full-time man on the ground who nurtures and grows our European presence. Meet Jurphaas van Rietschoten. Jur joined Spyderco part time twenty-two years ago and is based in Leiden, the Netherlands. After retiring from his career in the Dutch Air Force he began representing Spyderco full-time by traveling through Europe and meeting with dealers, distributors and end line users. He is our European steward and exhibits at a number of trade and consumer shows in the marine, outdoor sports, hunting and knife markets.

While spending time with Jur during the recent Amsterdam Meet and IWA trade show, we asked him a few questions about his perspective on Spydero and our place in the European knife community. We thought you might enjoy his insights as much as we did.

1. What is Spyderco’s position in the European knife market?

“Spyderco is known all over Europe with an excellent reputation and is highly respected among European collectors, hunters, fishermen, professional users, Save & Serve personnel, security specialists and martial blade artists. Spyderco holds a strong position in the EU market as a premium brand, offering modern, high-tech, reliable, and extremely functional cutting tools.”

2. Where do you see Spyderco in Europe 10 years from now?

“I see Spyderco making maximum use of our newly built production facility being constructed now in Golden. I tend to believe that production of our moderately priced value folders and the byrd series will continue to grow. The current research & development team consisting of Sal and Eric Glesser will change at some point in time when Sal retires. I see Eric continuing R&D and keeping Spyderco a leader in the export industry. The byrd line will continue to grow. Sal and Eric showed some of the latest re-designed byrd models, a new Raven in G10, and the Meadowlark 2 and the Cara Cara 2 in titanium at the Amsterdam Meet and at the IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany.”

3. What are the advantages of having an employee on the ground in Europe?

“Operating as Spyderco’s European representative takes me on the road constantly but keep in mind that Europe today consists of 51 independent countries, of which, 28 are members of the European Union. I travel and organize trade and consumer shows in Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France. I meet with our import dealers and distributors and assist store keepers, sales staff and end-line consumers. Spyderco makes high quality products with many very technical aspects to them; ergonomics, blade steel, handle materials, special production methods, and hidden technical or ergonomic design features. These features need to be pointed out and explained to our sales partners in order to enable them to offer adequate advice and support to their customers and the end- line user. My motto is: “Have a Spyderco Knife, Will Travel”.”

4. What are the advantages of having Meets and exhibiting at trade and consumer shows overseas?

“Being competitive is the key to our business. We are a small company but we have dozens of new releases every year. It is my privilege to present these new releases to the European market. Yes, I break ground for Spyderco and I am extremely persistent in that. I'd love to meet you too, either on my turf in Europe, or while being part of the Spyderco crew, at a show on your side of the Ocean!”


When Spyderco sold its first knife more than 30 years ago, we revolutionized the concept of the modern folding knife and literally set a new standard in cutting tools. In doing so, we also immediately became one of the most imitated products in history.

At Spyderco, we have been defending our company and our reputation against poor-quality knockoffs of our products for decades. Through diligent policing of the marketplace, close cooperation with U.S. and international customs authorities, and aggressive legal action, we have successfully defended the honor and integrity of our brand many times.

Today's marketplace is flooded with an increasing number of counterfeit and "look-alike" knives that are being illegally represented and sold as genuine Spyderco products. In some cases, these knives bear only a passing resemblance to our real products, but are illegally marked with our brand logo. In other cases, these imitations are frighteningly accurate reproductions of our knives made with substandard blade steel and other materials. Differentiating them from authentic, genuine Spyderco products has become increasingly difficult.

In response to this serious issue, Spyderco has redoubled its efforts to combat the manufacture, importation, and sale of counterfeit knives. Our in-house legal experts have testified in front of the U.S. Congress on this issue and continue to cooperate closely with federal and international authorities to stem the flow of illicit copy knives and punish those responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

What can you do to support Spyderco's efforts and protect yourself against the risk of receiving a counterfeit knife? The answer is, a lot. Here are some suggestions:

  • Do your homework and become thoroughly familiar with our products before you buy. The more you understand the quality and features of our genuine products, the easier it will be for you to spot and avoid fakes.
  • Remember that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Spyderco makes premium-quality knives from premium-quality materials and price our products appropriately. If you see a Spyderco knife being sold for a ridiculously low price, it's probably not a genuine product.
  • Buy your knives exclusively from Spyderco directly or from reputable dealers who sell only genuine, name-brand knives. You may pay a little more, but the service and peace of mind you will have are well worth it. And, in the unlikely event your knife requires service, you can return it to us with the confidence that we will stand behind it.
  • One of Spyderco's most powerful weapons against counterfeit knives is our devoted community of fans. Those who have used real Spyderco knives swear by them and help us police the marketplace for counterfeits. They also help other Spyderco fans avoid being cheated. By joining the forums on our web site (, you can have access to the latest information on counterfeit trends and threats. You can also ask questions, post pictures of suspect knives, and ask for dealer recommendations to avoid the disappointment of buying a counterfeit knife.

Spyderco has worked very hard for more than three decades to earn a reputation for producing reliable, high-performance cutting tools and accessories. We deserve that hard-earned reputation and will work just as hard to protect it, our integrity, and the integrity of our products. We appreciate your support in our efforts with your commitment to purchase only genuine Spyderco products.


Spyderco's warranty policy is fair and simple: We warrant that all of our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship. We do that because they are our products and we take full responsibility for their quality.

Logically, if we did not make something, we cannot accept the responsibility for its quality. It's that simple.

If you return a knife to us and we determine that it is not a genuine Spyderco product, we will inform you of that fact and return it to you at your expense. Under no circumstances will we perform service or repairs—no matter how minor—on any counterfeit, knockoff, or other non-Spyderco product.


Spyderco frequently partners with our established dealers and distributors to create unique “exclusive” versions of our knives featuring special materials, colors, or other features. If you’re in the market for a truly special knife, here is a list of recent Spyderco Exclusives and their sources.

C95GTIPD2 – Manix 2 XL Glow – EDC Forums/JS Burly’s The Forum Store

LPNP3 – Ladybug 3 Pink FRN Full Flat Grind

C85CFP2– Yojimbo 2 Carbon Fiber with CPM S90V

C172GBLTIP – Domino Blue G-10 Handle with CTS 204P Steel

C162PBL – Lil’ Martriarch Dark Blue FRN

C36GPBL – Military Model Blue G-10 with CPM S90V

C81GFGP2 – ParaMilitary 2 Foliage Green G-10 with Elmax

C11KAPKH – C11KAPDB – C11KAPBK – Kahr Arms Delica with custom bead blasted blade shape in subdued FRN handle colors – Khaki, Denim Blue, and Black

C10PTAW – Endura 4 Tactical Armorer’s Tool

LGR3HB – USN Forum Ladybug 3 Hawkbill with Black H1 Blade and Toxic Green FRN Handle, available in PlainEdge or SpyderEdge

C122GR – Tenacious Green G-10 – available in PlainEdge and CombinationEdge

*Distributor Exclusive - for additional information, please contact Blue Ridge Knives for a dealer near you