Designed by Eric Glesser, the Dice™ traces its history to its “bigger brother,” the Domino™. Introduced in 2013, the Domino was the second Spyderco design to feature a “flipper” opening feature—a small tab extending from the edge side of the blade’s tang that serves as a lever for one-handed opening. Originally developed by custom knifemaker Kit Carson, the flipper requires only a pull of the index finger to rotate the blade smoothly into the open position.

Although the Domino continues to be one of Spyderco’s top sellers, its popularity also sparked interest in a smaller version that is even more pocket friendly. In response to that interest, Spyderco developed the Dice and released it in 2014. With the exception of the reduced blade length and the shortened handle butt, the Dice maintains the exact same profile and refined ergonomics as the Domino, but in a package that is nearly 15 percent more compact.

The soul of the Dice is its premium CTS® XHP stainless steel blade. A powder metallurgy steel, CTS XHP is described by its maker, Carpenter®, as “a high-hardness 440C or corrosion-resistant D2 tool steel.” Its high hardness potential makes it the ideal material to express the Dice’s full-flat-ground, distally tapered blade. Boasting a keen edge and acute point for exceptional cutting performance, the blade includes both a Carson flipper and a fully functional Trademark Round Hole™ for a full scope of opening options.

The Dice’s handle is constructed of a solid titanium scale on one side and a titanium liner and carbon fiber/G-10 laminate scale on the other. The solid scale forms the basis of the knife’s robust Reeve integral Lock (R.I.L.), which features a long-wearing hardened steel interface that doubles as an overtravel stop for the lock. It is balanced by the handsome geometric pattern of the Cubic Check carbon fiber/G-10 laminate scale, which provides a subtle texture and a highly distinctive look.

For ease of carry, the Dice’s handle is exceptionally slim and utilizes an open-backed construction to reduce weight and simplify cleaning. Its highly evolved ergonomic shape includes a textured thumb ramp and a forefinger choil (finger groove) that offer a wide range of grip options and provide excellent security and control during use. The Dice also features a four-position pocket clip—a unique feature for a flipper-style knife—that supports ambidextrous tip-up or tip-down carry.

Like the Domino, the Dice’s Carson flipper is minimalist design that exemplifies Spyderco’s design philosophy of “No more than necessary; no less than perfect.” With the blade closed, it offers the ideal purchase and leverage for swift, positive opening, yet remains unobtrusive. In the open position, it literally disappears into the contours of the handle and helps form a subtle but effective lower guard. When the Carson flipper is operated, special ball-bearing washers in the knife’s pivot minimize friction and ensure a smooth, positive opening action.

The Dice is a compact expression of one of Spyderco’s most advanced folding knife designs and a direct reflection of our commitment to practical, high-performance cutting tools. We are confident that it will serve you well.


Manix2 Diamond Grey G-10

Spin Blue Nishijin Glass Fiber

Native5 Carbon Fiber CPM 110V
Coming in August 2014

Worker Green G-10
Coming in August 2014


Spyderco was the first company to integrate the traditional sheepfoot blade profile with an aggressive serrated edge to create the modern “rescue knife.” We pioneered the concept in 1982 with our classic Mariner model and later formalized it with our C14 Rescue, the first knife specifically designed for firefighters, paramedics, and other first responders for use as a rescue tool. To provide additional functionality—including a glass breaker for breaching vehicle windows—in 2003 we introduced the Assist and literally redefined the standards of the modern rescue knife.

The Assist is Spyderco’s most advanced rescue knife and hands down one of the most extraordinary cutting tools ever made. Its unique blade features an oversized Spyderco round hole and Cobra Hood™ attachment that together provide a large, easily indexed purchase for positive one-handed blade deployment, even while wearing heavy gloves. The blade’s blunt tip easily slides under seat belts, clothing, and other materials without endangering the victim and its serrated edge powers through the toughest materials, including seat belts, harnesses, webbing, and rope.

The Assist’s handle is injection molded from tough fiberglass-reinforced nylon and features both Bi-Directional Texturing™ and finger grooves to ensure a secure grip in critical situations. The finger grooves also allow the knife to “scissor cut” rope by using the action of closing the blade and the leverage of the pivot. Along with these features, a built-in survival whistle and a reversible wire pocket clip for ambidextrous tip-up carry make the Assist one of the most extraordinary knives ever produced and the tool of choice of savvy first-responders worldwide.

Seat Belt Cutting
When cutting seat belts or harnesses, use your free hand to pull on the belt to stabilize it. Pull against the belt’s anchor point, not the victim’s body, to stretch it tight. Slide the blade under the belt edge up, so the sharpened edge does not come in contact with the victim. Index the heel of the edge nearest the handle against the belt and pull towards you. For best results, use your back muscles to pull your elbow towards your ribs and do not cut toward your own face.

Glass Breaking
To use the Assist’s glass breaker, grip the closed knife in your hand with the butt of the handle extending from the little-finger side of your hand. Squeeze the closed blade into the handle and the carbide glass breaker will extend from the butt end for use. Ensure that you are wearing gloves, long sleeves, and safety glasses before you attempt any window break. Choose a spot near a lower corner of the window, orient the breaker toward the glass, and hit with a short, sharp strike, immediately retracting your hand after the strike to avoid extending it toward the breaking glass. Always exercise extreme care during rescue activities involving glass breaking. Also, please note that the Assists’s glass breaker is replaceable by simply removing the side panel at the butt end of the handle.

Scissor Cutting Rope
The Assist’s Bi-Directional Textured™ FRN handle has generous finger grooves for a secure grip, even while wearing gloves. The finger grooves also enable the blade to “scissor cut” rope and cord much like a cigar cutter. To do this, open the knife’s blade about 45 degrees until you reach the hesitation notch that will hold it open. Place the rope in the second finger groove nearest the pivot pin and grasp the knife around the handle and the back of the blade. Grasp near the butt end of the handle and tip of the blade for maximum leverage and ensure that your fingers remain out of the path of the edge. Then simply squeeze the blade into the handle to cut the rope.

Often imitated but never equaled, the Assist stands alone as one of the most capable emergency cutting tools ever made.

MSRP: $144.95

MSRP: $144.95

MSRP: $159.95


The Spyderco Family Day Picnic is a much anticipated summer afternoon event for the entire Spyderco crew and their families. We spend the day diving into delicious barbecue and enjoying activities like face painting, a bouncing house, piñatas, arts and crafts, an employee cook-off, and in past years, an impromptu competition to see who gets doused with the most water. It’s a joy seeing the smiles of kids when they get to hang out with Mom or Dad at work and enjoy the company of other crewmembers and their families. Like everything we do, the Spyderco Family Day Picnic is a team effort—as well as a day filled with an overabundance of laughter, food and sunscreen!