ClipiTool™ knives represent an exciting new breed of Spyderco cutting tools that redefine the concept of the multi-function pocketknife. As we all know, pocketknives that combine the cutting performance of a primary blade with one or more other tools are nothing new. Therein lies the problem.

Even though most of today’s multi-function knives are rendered with modern, high-performance materials, their designs have not evolved significantly since they were first invented centuries ago. In particular, their use of traditional nail nicks as a purchase to open the different tools is inconvenient, slow, and more often than not results in chipped fingernails and frustration. Traditional pocketknives also ride in the bottom of the pocket where they can be difficult to access, get lost among other items, and are vulnerable to lint and pocket trash.

ClipiTool knives change all that by integrating many of the features that define Spyderco’s revolutionary one-hand-opening folding knives with the concept of the classic multi-blade slipjoint pocketknife. The heart of every ClipiTool is its primary blade, which features a broad profile and a full-flat grind for reliable cutting performance far beyond its size. It also features Spyderco’s distinctive Trademark Round Hole™ and a forefinger choil (groove). Although not intended for one-handed operation, the round hole makes two-handed opening of the non-locking, slipjoint blade much easier. The forefinger choil allows a secure grip that puts your hand close to the cutting action and enables the index finger to act as a natural stop to prevent accidental closure of the blade.

The ClipiTool knife's primary cutting blade is accompanied by a secondary tool that also folds conveniently into the handle via a non-locking slipjoint mechanism. Currently these tools include a choice of scissors, a serrated blade, or a combination bottle opener/flat-bladed screwdriver. Like the main blade, these tools all include Trademark Round Holes that support an easy pinch grip of the thumb and index finger for quick, positive two-handed opening.

ClipiTool knives are constructed entirely of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and feature superior fit, finish, and attention to detail. They also include a handy clip allowing them to be clipped to the top of a pocket or similar location to keep them instantly accessible and free from pocket lint and other debris. This clip also enables ClipiTools to function as money clips if carried inside the pocket.

Compact, convenient, and extremely versatile, ClipiTool knives are also very affordable. The suggested retail price of the three current models is only $39.95, and future models are already in the works.

More than 30 years ago, Spyderco redefined the lock-blade folding knife. Our newest breed of tools does the same thing for the multi-function slipjoint pocketknife. ClipiTool knives—The evolution of revolution.


Aogami Super Blue Steel is one of the three premium carbon (non-stainless) steels manufactured by Hitachi Metals Ltd. of Japan. Hitachi Metals is located in Shimane Prefecture on the western coast of Honshu island—an area known for its abundant supply of the high-quality iron sand that has been used in making traditional Japanese swords since ancient times. Continuing this region’s proud heritage of steel making, Hitachi’s “Yasuki Hagane” or YSS (Yasuki Specialty Steels) are specifically formulated for use in cutlery applications.

The three primary premium-grade carbon steels made by Hitachi are Shirogami (White Steel), Aogami (Blue Steel), and Aogami Super (Super Blue Steel). The color references used with these steels do not refer to the color of the steel itself, but rather the color of the paper in which the raw steel stock is wrapped. In fact, the literal translation of the steel names is “_____ paper steel.”

Shirogami is a pure carbon steel that is used primarily in crafting high-grade Hocho (Japanese kitchen knives), hatchets, axes, sickles and chisels. It has only trace amounts of impurities like phosphorous and sulfur and has a very narrow temperature range for hardening and tempering, requiring great skill on the part of the smith.

Adding chromium and tungsten to Shirogami creates Aogami or Blue Steel, which is also available in two types with different carbon contents and slightly different alloy compositions. The additional elements in Aogami increase its hardness, cutting performance, edge retention, and durability. They also make it less temperamental during heat treatment.

Aogami Super Blue has the richest chemical composition of Hitachi’s premium carbon steels and boasts even higher levels of carbon (1.40-1.50%), chromium (0.30-0.50%), and tungsten (2.00-2.50), as well as manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, silicon, and vanadium. Collectively, these alloys increase the steel’s hardness, edge retention, cutting performance, and corrosion resistance. They also allow Super Blue to be quenched in oil, unlike the other steel grades that are water quenched during hardening.

Super Blue Steel offers outstanding cutting performance and edge retention; however, it is not as tough as White or Blue Steels. To compensate for this, it is often featured as the core layer of laminated steels. Spyderco’s most recent Super Blue offerings feature blades with high-performance Super Blue cores forge welded between layers of 420J1 stainless steel. The outer layers provide strength and support for the core and also reduce the exposed area of Super Blue steel to minimize the blade’s vulnerability to corrosion. Nevertheless, as a high-carbon steel, Super Blue is susceptible to staining and will develop a patina over time, so it must be carefully maintained.

Super Blue is also somewhat more challenging to sharpen than lesser steels, so it is best to maintain a good working edge rather than letting your blade get too dull before sharpening.

Aogami Super Blue is an extraordinary steel with a rich cultural history. With proper care, it offers extreme cutting performance and a high degree of pride of ownership, making it an ideal blade material for Spyderco’s special Sprint Run knives.


C113GPGY Caly 3- Released in 2011

C144GPGY Caly 3.5- Released in 2011

MT08P Mule Team- Released in 2010

C11FPGYE Delica- Released in 2013

C10FPGYE Endura- Released in 2013

C90FPGYE Stretch- Released in 2014

LGYP3E Ladybug- Released in 2014

MGYPE Manbug- Shipping now

C28FPGYE2 Dragonfly- Shipping now


The Denver Post- “Hundreds of companies, a multitude of styles, one common thread.”

The Denver Post released its third annual Top Workplaces list this week. In the Small Employers Category (fewer than 500 employees) Spyderco came in number 5 in the state of Colorado. When Spyderco employees talk about what makes this a great place to work, benefits and perks are part of the discussion, but “company culture” is the prominent topic. Working for our customers is key and the prevailing attitude here at Spyderco is extending our best effort to conduct business in an honest, fair and proper manner. Our success is created and measured by earning money and having fun.

Click on the link below to read more about Spyderco in the Top 100 places to work, as well as other participating companies.


When you arrive at Spyderco’s headquarters in Golden, Colorado the first thing you’ll notice is the enormous American flag out front. Once inside, you enter the Spyderco atrium.

Many things are done differently at Spyderco and few companies offer a quiet, leafy, indoor garden two-stories tall to greet you when you enter. The atrium is filled with live plants and trees and pillowed couches that invite lounging. A sanctuary for the Spyderco crew on cold snowy days to lunch in, the atrium is also a welcoming spot for customers visiting the Spyderco Factory Outlet. If you are curious what it looks like inside Spyderco, we will be sharing more insider peeks in future issues of the byte. Stay tuned.


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