We’ve all heard the saying, “Good things come to those who wait.” If that’s true, great things must come to those who wait patiently for more than 25 years. Spyderco’s new Tusk mariner’s tool is certainly proof of that.

The original concept of the Tusk was conceived by Spyderco’s founder Sal Glesser in the early 1980’s. He wanted to create a compact, multi-function folding tool that incorporated a locking marlinspike, a cutting blade, and other performance features that would be of benefit to sailors. Unfortunately, development of the concept was limited by the lock technology of the time and his early design efforts never progressed beyond a few very rough sketches and the reservation of a product code as a “placeholder.”

More than 25 years later, Sal’s son Eric Glesser found the original sketches in Spyderco’s files and decided to pick up the project, pursuing Sal’s original vision with his own design flair and the benefit of decades of Spyderco technological innovation. In addition to the original marlinspike function, he added two sizes of shackle keys and a high-performance cutting blade, all synergistically nested in a convenient, pocket-friendly package. He also incorporated modern high-strength locks and state-of-the-art materials to ensure extreme strength, reliability, and highly rust-resistant construction. The result is an extraordinary working tool and a vivid reflection of Spyderco’s rich history.

The foundation of the Tusk is its handle, which is precision machined from two slabs of solid titanium that provide extreme strength, light weight, and are impervious to corrosion. One end of the handle houses a Plain Edged blade ground from LC 200 N steel—a nitrogen-alloyed tool steel that offers extreme toughness and superior corrosion resistance. This advanced alloy has a highly refined, homogenous microstructure and was specifically developed for tools subjected to high stress in corrosive environments. The Tusk’s blade features Spyderco’s Trademark Round Hole™ for easy, ambidextrous one-handed opening and locks open via a sturdy Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) mechanism machined directly into one of the handle’s titanium scales.

At the other end of the Tusk’s handle is a 300-series stainless steel marlinspike, which features a unique round-to-square cross section for increased leverage when loosening knots. The marlinspike body is also home to a small shackle key for unscrewing and tightening threaded shackles. In the closed position, the marlinspike completes the ergonomic shape of the Tusk’s handle when using the knife blade and also forms a larger shackle key with the tool’s handle. To allow the marlinspike and its shackle key to withstand extreme leverage during use, it locks securely in place with Spyderco’s patented Ball Bearing Lock™ mechanism. When the spike is opened, a spring-driven plunger drives a ball bearing forward onto a ramp on the tang, wedging it between the ramp and elliptical cutouts in the handle’s titanium scales. Pulling back on the ball bearing releases the lock and allows the marlinspike to pivot smoothly closed. One of the strongest locks ever designed for a folding tool, the Tusk’s Ball bearing Lock features a special ceramic ball to ensure that all the Tusks’s component parts are extremely rust resistant.

To keep the Tusk instantly accessible, it includes a reversible pocket clip that supports left or right-side tip-down carry. A lanyard hole in the handle also allows the easy attachment of a safety lanyard to prevent loss in choppy conditions.

Spyderco’s Tusk literally began as a tool that was ahead of its time. Thanks to the combined visions of Sal and Eric Glesser, Spyderco’s tireless commitment to innovation, and a full complement of state-of-the-art materials, that time has now come.


When the words “competitive” and “knife” are used in the same sentence most people think of knife fighting, fencing or one of the many survival situation reality shows. The fact is that there is a competitive knife event that was founded in 2006. You may not have heard of it unless you make the rounds at knife shows, participate in online knife forums, or have your finger on the pulse of the cutlery industry. The group is called BladeSports International. What BladeSports competitors do is a far cry from traditional fencing standoff or racing to see who can make fire the fastest. BladeSports is an all out competition of mental and physical control, style and strength.

Early competitors were primarily custom knifemakers obsessed with building the ultimate chopper. Contestants created their own large fixed blade knives using exotic, supercharged blade steels and applying specialized heat treating techniques, cutting edge geometries and sharpening methods. Discussion and experimentation about how to make these competition knives brought knifemakers together with non-knifemakers and even several steel company representatives jumped into the conversation. Established custom makers started receiving requests for competition knives and any newcomer who successfuly completed formal safety training by recognized trainers were welcome to the games. Teams popped up in several countries including The Netherlands, England and Germany.

Becoming a top seeded Cutter is about finesse and hours of practice. Blade Sports International events are timed and include speed-hacking a 2 X 4 board in half, cutting free-hanging rope (up to 18 - 1” ropes bound together, thick as a man’s thigh), chopping rolling ping pong balls and slicing through water bottles, lined up like French nobility going to the Guillotine. With the clock ticking, Cutters are awarded points for accuracy with each cutting maneuver and the point total is subtracted from the course completion time. The lowest number wins.

Crowds love these fast-paced games and knife manufacturers have started sponsoring Cutters to represent production knife companies. Spyderco proudly sponsors Donavan Phillips, who has been World Champion several times and is considered the contender to watch.

The Wall Street Journal, Blade Magazine, Field & Stream and other magazine have brought the sport to life on their pages. If you have not seen a competition, GO! The next cutting competition is scheduled for the Mega Show at the Dallas Market Hall on April 12-13 2014. The annual Blade Show in Atlanta at the Cobb Galleria June 6-8, 2014 hosts a larger competition. The BladeSports National Championship is held at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, AR on May 10, 2014 for the Cutters who qualified throughout the year.


Bushcraft is a tradition as much as a sport. It follows a regime of survival skills derived from Bushmen of the southernhemisphere and has been introduced into the mainstream outdoor sports industry by U.K. television host Ray Mears. He produced a documentary-style television series highlighting Bushcrafting and the sport's skills of thriving and surviving in nature with just a knife and doing it skillfully and in comfort.

Spyderco sells a fully finished Bushcraft fixed blade and now additionally offers the option of purchasing a Bushcraft blank.

The blank has an un-scaled handle and finished four-inch blade made from 0-1 tool steel with a Scandinavian or Scandi grind. Leaving the handle unfinished provides a do-it-yourself opportunity for creative Bushcrafters to customize the knife with their preference of handle scales, carry and sheath options. Blueprinted for wilderness chores, slicing, and chopping, whittling and game processing in traditional Bushcraft style.

Bushcraft blanks are available only through the Spyderco Factory Outlet: www.spyderco.com / 1-800-525-7770 X107

Does NOT include a sheath

Limit of 2 for each person


In early March, Spyderco exhibited at the IWA Outdoor Classics trade show in Nuremburg, Germany. The largest trade show of its kind in Europe, IWA rivals the SHOT Show as a showcase of the world’s best outdoor and tactical products. It is also a unique opportunity for the Spyderco Crew to meet with our international distributors, the media, and many talented custom knifemakers and collaborators.

One of the highlights of this year’s show was a surprise from Mr. Istvan Czurko, Executive Director of our Hungarian distributor, Moskito. He presented us with a handsome display case containing a Spyderco Hungarian folding knife paired with a beautiful handmade “fejesgörbe”—the classic Hungarian ethnic folder that inspired it. The knives were accompanied by a meticulously crafted belt pouch—the traditional carry method of the original Hungarian folder. Spyderco is extremely honored to receive these generous gifts and will display them proudly at our Colorado headquarters. Thank you, Istvan and Moskito!

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