The ParaMilitary2 is by far our most popular USA made item and we are experiencing high demand so the item is currently backordered to several of our dealers. If you have an order with a dealer, please hang in there, yours is on it’s way soon, we are filling backorders as quickly as possible and ship Paramilitary2 product regularly. Based on the growing demand, we don’t anticipate being completely out of backorder until sometime after this summer. We appreciate your patience and are confident that you won’t be disappointed when you finally get your hands on one.

Custom knifemaker Brad Southard specializes in high-performance folder designs. An industrial designer by trade, he completed his first handmade knife in 2008 and has since been rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the most meticulous and innovative craftsmen in the custom knife world.

Southard's first collaboration with Spyderco is based on one of his popular "flipper" designs. Pioneered by custom knifemaker Kit Carson, a flipper is a small integral tab extending from the tang of the blade on the cutting edge side. When the blade is closed, the flipper protrudes from the back of the knife's handle to offer a small lever. Pulling on this lever with your index finger creates a tension against the ball-bearing detent mechanism that holds the blade closed. When the detent is overcome, the blade pivots to snap into the open, locked position. Brad Southard's design is Spyderco's first folder with a flipper mechanism and it adds a new dimension to our broad range of innovative designs.

To open the Southard's blade using the flipper mechanism, grip the knife so the back of the handle is against your palm and the handle is held firmly between your fingers and thumb. Maintaining a firm grip, place your index finger on the flipper and pull it toward you. You will feel the tension of your finger's pull build against the resistance of the detent that keeps the blade closed. When the force of your pull overcomes the tension of the detent, the blade will rotate to the open position. With minimal practice, this can be accomplished swiftly and easily.

The heart of the Southard Folder is its CTS 204P stainless steel blade. Hollow ground for superior edge geometry, it features a gradually curved edge and a slightly dropped point, making it ideal for a broad range of cutting applications. Its stonewashed finish matches the finish of the handle's titanium scale, offering a non-reflective appearance.

The Southard's handle pairs a textured Earth-brown G-10 front scale and thick titanium liner on one side with a solid titanium scale on the back scale. The titanium scale forms the foundation of the knife's sturdy Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) mechanism and has a small inlaid G-10 panel that acts as an over-travel stop when releasing the lock mechanism. It is also home to the knife's matching stainless steel clip which carries right-side tip-up.

To supply the smooth operation of the flipper mechanism, the Southard features a unique ball-bearing pivot system. Rather than conventional flat washers, the Southard's blade pivots between special washers that contain nested ball bearings. This advancement in construction reduces friction on the blade and renders a smooth action while maximizing the efficiency and ease-of-operation of the flipper mechanism. Offering an exceptional synthesis of ergonomics, functionality, and state-of-the-art materials, the Southard Folder is one of the most advanced Spyderco CLIPITS to date.

SHOT Show 2013

The annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show is known in the industry as the SHOT Show. This year’s SHOT Show was January 15-18 in Sands Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada. The SHOT Show is a four-day event, limited to and attended by, more than 36,000 people and is 36-hours of non-stop knife, firearms and accessory overload. What a party. The show is not open to the public but to retail store owners, outfitters and military and law enforcement buyers- the people who bring Spyderco knives to the public. This is not only a gun show but a rave of knives, accessories and everything possibly needed to be out-of-doors from tents and clothing to SUVs- all riled up by a wandering pride of television and movie celebrities promoting the outdoor lifestyle.

Spyderco introduced a number of new knife models ready for release during the first half of the year; many of these were seen for the first time at the SHOT Show. Look for future product announcements in upcoming issues of the Spyderco Byte. In the Spyderco booth were several custom knifemaker well-knowns, including Ed Schempp, Gayle Bradley and Phil Wilson.

SHOT Show is the New Year’s Eve party of new knife releases and a gathering of those responsible for bringing fresh and innovative Spyderco products to 2013. Between now and year’s end look to see: a new orange DragonFly, a Friction Folder, a Cricket Tattoo, an Ed Schempp Equilibrium and a newly announced Spyderco Karambit called a Karahawk.

Top Left: General Booth Artwork Top Right: OpFocus Booth
Bottom: SHOT Show Image
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Catalog Correction

Pobody's Nerfect.

It has been brought to our attention we have an incorrect image in the new 2013 dealer Catalog. On page 26: we feature the Chaparral Series and the image of the Chaparral Carbon Fiber C152CF shown is actually the image for the C123CF Sage Carbon Fiber. Our apologies. The Chaparral Carbon Fiber features a back lock rather than a linerlock and has a CTS XHP steel blade.

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