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Spyderco receives countless requests for small to mid-sized fixed blades. The new Enuff fixed blade is out and available in three different blade shapes: a Clip-Point (PlainEdge), a Leaf-Shaped (PlainEdge) and a Sheepfoot (SpyderEdge). Their blades are VG-10 stainless steel, a workhorse material that offers a superior balance of cutting performance, corrosion resistance, edge retention, and ease of sharpening. The Clip-Point and Leaf-Shaped blades are both Plain Edged and full-flat ground to yield exceptional edge geometry for precision cutting chores and point utility. The Sheepfoot Enuff is hollow ground and features a SpyderEdge cutting edge. Its carefully radiused profile and aggressive fully-serrated edge provide a rescue-style blade that is ideal for safely cutting seat belts, webbing, rope, and similar materials. At the same time, it features a subtle but functional point for detailed chores.

All three Enuff blades feature skeletonized full-tang construction for strength and light weight and a precisely placed section of jimping (grooved texture) on the spine for enhanced control during use. They also feature identical scales injection molded from durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon. Contoured to provide a hand-filling grip, their handles boast Spyderco's signature Bi-Directional Texturing™ pattern—a series of opposing angled steps radiating out from the center of the handle for superior traction and a non-slip grip. The shape of the handle, brackets the hand comfortably, creating a functional guard to prevent the hand moving forward while cutting while also featuring a slightly hooked pommel to stop slipping when cutting with a pulling motion and while drawing the blade out of the sheath. For backup security, Spyderco has included an oversized handle lanyard hole that can accept a good-sized diameter fob or lanyard.

Enuffs carry in identical sheaths made of an injection molded polymer and feature two "ears" at the sheath's mouth which snap around the leading edge of the handle to solidly retain the knife in the sheath. The sheath's internal cavity is configured to hold the blade with the edge facing in either direction and features a thumb "push-off" on one side of the mouth, where you apply thumb pressure to the sheath to release the knife from its casing. Spyderco's versatile G-Clip attachment is included on each sheath for belt, inside-the-waistband, carry. G-Clips are configurable for vertical, horizontal, or diagonally canted carry and can be attached to both sides and both faces of the symmetrical sheath. The sheath also includes multiple mounting holes enabling you to mount the G-Clip for high and low-ride attachment.

The Enuff series is a unique concept in fixed-blade knives for Spyderco and sets a new standard for compact yet full-service cutting utility.

204MF Sharpmaker Kit $94.95
C28SYL2 Dragonfly2 Yellow FRN H-1 SpyderEdge $89.95
C94PBK UK Penknife SLIPIT Leaf Shape PlainEdge $74.95
C122GBBKPS Tenacious G-10 Black Blade CombinationEdge $69.95
C148GP Ambitious Black G-10 PlainEdge $54.95
C154BK Squeak Black FRN PlainEdge $74.95
C163PBK Pingo Black FRN $79.95
MGREP Manubg British Racing Green ZDP-189 PlainEdge $84.95
BEAD1LY/BEAD2LY Square/Round Spyderco Bead with Lanyard $29.95/$39.95
WDKIT1 Dragonfly Wooden Knife Kit $17.95

Did you know Spyderco has a Collector Program? The first 201 pieces of a new Spyderco production knife are reserved (00-200) exclusively for Spyderco collectors and enthusiasts. Each numbered knife comes boxed with a certificate of ownership that includes; information about the model, your name, the knife name and product number and the release month and year. All collector knives must be purchased through an authorized dealer in your area who is currently purchasing directly from Spyderco, Inc. (If you have trouble finding a local dealer, please let us know and we are happy to help locate someone). Our Collector Program offers the opportunity to ensure you receive each and every new Spyderco product. Current and past participants have accumulated significant Spyderco knife collections that are enjoyed for a lifetime and even passed down within families. We offer three collector levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. If you are interested in learning more, contact Tamara Leonti: - or- 800-525-7770 X114

A Main Piece is:
  • A Spyderco knife or product with a new model number: C101, C102, WDKIT1 etc.
  • A new design sequence number such as our Manix2, Delica4, etc.
  • All Collector Program knives are PlainEdged (unless the knife is only offered in an edge configuration other than PlainEdge).
  • Main pieces are engraved with a 3 digit number (000, 001, 002, etc)
A Variation Piece is:
  • An established/ existing Spyderco knife model made with a different material (handle or blade), in a new color or edge configuration or a knife with an alteration, such as offering an established model as a trainer without a sharpened cutting edge.
  • Variations are engraved with a 3 digit number followed by a V to indicate it is a variation (001V, 002V, 003V).
A Sprint Run Piece is:
  • A limited production run of Spyderco knives. We announce in advance Sprint Runs are coming and in the quantity they will be produced.
  • Sprint Runs may be Main Piece or Variation Piece depending on the knife itself and each knife will be engraved appropriately depending on its characteristics.
A Set is:
  • Anything planned and produced by Spyderco in a limited production quantity AND has more than one model in the series: Mule Team, Kopa, etc. Sets like the Mule Team and Kopas are offered as a separate commitment for the collector and you can opt for taking Sets at the time you sign up.
  • Sets may be Main or Variation depending on the knife itself and each knife will be engraved appropriately depending on its characteristics.
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