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Thread: Collector's Club ?????

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    Collector's Club ?????

    I'm interested in the Spyderco Collector's Club. Can anyone share how it works. I collect five different models. Thanks, Ron

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    Here's some info on the Collector's Club from the website of our good friend, Paul (a.k.a. The Deacon):

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    I got this about a year ago from Tamara at Spyderco HQ:

    Revised 11/16/2009
    Spyderco Collector Program
    Main Piece:

    A new model number: C101, C102, etc.

    A design sequence number: Manix2, Delica4, etc.

    Will be a PlainEdge (unless it is only being produced with an edge configuration other than PlainEdge

    A different color handle, materials (handle and blade), edge configurations, trainers, etc

    Anything produced by Spyderco in a limited production quantity, announced ahead of time as a Sprint Run and in what quantity it will be produced

    Anything planned and produced by Spyderco in a limited production quantity AND more than one in the series: Mule Team, Kopa, etc
    Collector Enrollment Levels:
    Bronze Collector:

    Receives Main Pieces Only

    Does NOT receive Sprints or Variations

    Does NOT receive Sets unless added on (see below)
    Silver Collector:

    Receives Main Pieces

    Receives Sprints

    Does NOT receive all variations

    Does NOT receive Sets unless added on (see below)
    Gold Collector:

    Receives Main Pieces

    Receives Sprints

    Receives Variations

    Does not receive Sets unless added on (see below)
    Optional Add ons:

    Sets like Mule Teams, Kopas, etc. will be offered separately for the collector to take all of the set.

    This will be offered at the time the collector signs up based on any sets in progress or will be offered as Spyderco introduces a new set. We currently do not have any Kopas running.

    Main pieces will be engraved as a 3 digit number (000, 001, 002, etc)

    Variations will be engraved as a 3 digit number followed by a V (001V, 002V, 003V).

    Sprints and Sets may be Main or Variation depending on the knife itself and each knife will be engraved appropriately depending on its characteristics.
    Certificate of Ownership:

    Each knife will come with a Certificate of Ownership to include the Collector’s name, the Knife Name and SKU # and the Release Month and Year.
    Revised 11/16/2009
    Spyderco Collector Program Contract
    All pieces will be engraved with collector’s number, variations will be engraved with the number followed by a V. For any numbers that are not assigned a collector, these knives will not be numbered. When a number is assigned to a new collector, we are unable to make available any previously issued models.
    Numbered collectors will be shipped first (with the premier program to immediately follow)
    Fixed Blades are included in the collector program, sharpeners and byrd knives are NOT included in the program.
    If ever it is determined that a numbered knife is defective under Spyderco’s warranty, a new knife will be issued and engraved with a period following the number to designate the second numbering, for example, “141.” Spyderco reserves the right of ownership to any knife replaced under warranty.
    A large part of the value of being a collector is having the opportunity to receive one of the first 200 production pieces. With this opportunity, the Collector is accepting the possibility that there may be minor flaws with the first production of an individual SKU.
    Spyderco reserves the right to sell any collector knives through our Factory Outlet Store with prior notification to the Collector (typically this will be an option that the Collector can choose to purchase or opt out of)
    There will only be one number associated with one name – Spyderco will not set up more than one collector number to one name and Spyderco will not set up numbers without an end user contract. Spyderco offers a different program (Premier Program) for dealers & distributors interested in being first to get quantity to sell.
    The Collector reserves the right to choose which Dealer they purchase their collector numbered items through, providing the Dealer has met Spyderco’s requirements to purchase direct. The Collector reserves the right to change Dealers at any time by notifying Spyderco in writing.
    All numbered knives will be shipped UPS ground to the Dealer, the Collector is required to make payment and delivery arrangements with the Dealer.
    The Collector must sign the contract and make their enrollment level choices, Spyderco will not accept the Dealer choosing on behalf of the Collector.
    All knives in the selected enrollment level must be purchased and the Collector is NOT able to individually request knives offered in a different level. Please consider the enrollment levels and financial obligations carefully.
    The Collector reserves the right to change the level of enrollment at anytime. However, if the Collector drops to a lower level, there will be a six month waiting period to rejoin the higher level. All changes must be submitted to and accepted by Spyderco in writing.
    All Collectors must keep their current contact information on file with Spyderco and the Dealer they are purchasing from – this is to include, name, address, phone #, and e-mail if they have one.
    If at any time a collector wishes to terminate the Collector agreement, he/she MUST notify Spyderco and the dealer he/she is purchasing from in writing.
    If the dealer determines that the collector is not fulfilling the delivery and payment arrangements, they reserve the right to terminate the agreement by notifying the collector and Spyderco in writing.
    Freight charges will be assessed at a flat rate of $5.00 per collector number, per shipment OR using Spyderco’s current freight schedule, whichever is less expensive.
    If these terms are agreeable, please reply by _________________________ with your acceptance by completing the following information and signing below:
    Collector Number:
    Collector Name:
    Zip Code:
    Phone Number:
    Enrollment Level:
    Bronze Silver Gold
    Mule Team (Add On Set already in progress – Must be
    purchased through Spyderco Factory Outlet)
    Kopa (These are currently not running)
    To Be Purchased Through:
    Dealer/Distributor Name:
    Contact Name:
    Phone Number:
    I agree to and understand the above terms and conditions:
    ____________________________________________ _______________________
    Collector Signature Date
    Collector Printed Name
    Revised 11/16/2009

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    The collector program is nice. I was in it briefly. The challenge is you have to have a LOT of disposable income. You really don't realize how many models Spyderco releases until they start showing up at your door by the box load. You also don't really have a way to plan or budget because they will go awhile without releasing a new model and then in one day ship out 6 new models and/or variations. You can't really pick and choose what models you get... you get them all.
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    Gold,silver and bronze levels look to rich for my blood.
    Who am I kidding?
    I couldn't afford it if the levels were Tin,Zinc and silly putty
    But it is a dream of mine to be at the silver level some day!
    That says alot about Spyderco,considering my dreams usually revolve around Jessica Alba,Shakira,and other assorted hotties

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