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Thread: Delight with sub $100 models

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    I recently picked up an emerson endura and it's one SOLID knife. It's been my goto knife for construction type work when I am afraid I might damage my higher end knives. It's been great though the other day I dropped it and it landed square on it's tip on concrete. I have to figure out how to repair it...

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    I haven't bought a lot of sub-$100 knives lately but that is only because the ones I do have are perfect for exactly what I need them for!

    The Vagabond is one of the best knives to have for vacations or situations where you'll need a kitchen knife but are unsure of whether or not there will be any where you're going. And at $30 it was pretty much impossible to say no!

    The Native I got at the same gunshop I got the Vagabond and it has been one of my most abused knives. That SE 440V sure knows how to hold an edge! Also got a great price on it because it was covered in dust and I assume had been sitting in the counter for years ):

    I managed to pick the CoPilot up from a member here and got the best deal on it (Thanks BigBill5953!! If anyone ever wonders about buying from them I can personally vouch for their reputation!) and it was my on-campus carry for the better part of a year. Slim, discreet, and yet does 99% of things a knife needs to do.

    The Jester will hold a special place in my heart for being my first Spydie ever. It was my lanyard carry for almost 2 years, and was only recently retired because unfortunately, the ClipiTool has a bottle opener which I use far more often than a small blade, especially when carrying another knife. But I think I'll go for the Jester now. Haven't really been drinking as much lately.

    Lastly, the FlatByrd. The only knife I have had that I forgot was in my pocket because it managed to slide behind my phone and is so flat I thought it was part of the case. That right there was enough to get me to carry it because it is so slim and light yet has the longest blade of my clipless Spydies. Definitely one of my favorite purchases!

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    Also waved endura

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