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Thread: Interesting: Kosher Slaughtering Knives

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    Interesting: Kosher Slaughtering Knives

    Here is an interesting one for you all; I am not fully familiar with it but there are specific Kosher-meat butchering knives that have to be made of highest quality steel and materials. The blades have to be as friction-less as possible so as not to cut through organs that could taint the meat.

    Here is a section of the article:

    " The knife, known as the chalif, is the most important tool of the shochet. The chalif must be handmade and kept exquisitely sharp. In industrial kosher plants, a bell rings every three minutes reminding shochtim to check their knives. If a nick the size of a hairsbreadth is discovered, all animals killed since the last inspection are deemed not kosher. There are different knives for different animals. For chickens, the blade is about five inches long. A lamb, eight to 12. A full-sized cow would need at least an 18-inch blade. The same goes for a bull. A buffalo could exceed 19 inches. The ideal shechitah knife is roughly two-thirds the size of the animal’s neck."


    " Yurman makes around 15 knives a year. A five-inch chicken knife sells for under $200, and a full-size beef knife can be anywhere between $400 and $650. I ask how many he sells. “Very few. Very few.” Five a year? He nods his head and shrugs his shoulder. “It is not really a money making-venture as much as it is a service to the community.”"

    For a hand-made knife, those prices are not too bad. I have seen handmade knives that go into the tens of thousands of dollars for sale at different shows and displays.

    I am glad that such niche markets exist and people have this skill!

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    Sal made some of these in the past. Spyderwa had a few the last I talked with him. They're really neat knives.
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    You might try searching this forum with the word chalif.
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    Who doesn't do their daily chalif search?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blerv View Post
    Who doesn't do their daily chalif search?
    I always thought it was a monthly self-exam.

    A side note: I couldn't guess what was in his basement other than knife-making equipment and knives. The article didn't tell me and it wasn't glaringly obvious for me by the end of the read.
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    I handled one of Sal's Chalifs at a knife shop in RSA called Barry's Blades, now long since closed...sadly...
    I made a couple chalifs for a Jewish friend using Acacia for the scales, stainless home made Corbys for the pins, and 2mm 12C27 for the blade...

    No demand here in NZ for this fine tool...

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    So my wife is like ... what you reading? and I'm like oh you know Interesting Kosher Slaughtering Knives. She asked me if I had ever thought about getting my own apartment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRKBC View Post
    So my wife is like ... what you reading? and I'm like oh you know Interesting Kosher Slaughtering Knives. She asked me if I had ever thought about getting my own apartment.
    Wow, you should give that some consideration..
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