Can anyone give me a good comparison of Elmax and s30v?

Edge stability? Ease of sharpening? Chip resistance?

I'm unlikely to use it for prying, so "toughness" isn't a huge issue for me (I've got a breacher bar in my work bag for that kind of thing).

I've been quite happy with s30v (my most common EDC for most of the past year was a Manix 2 in s30v). But now I hear that Elmax is the new hotness. Should I be looking to try it out?

I do have an Elmax Mule, but no s30v mule, so I can't really compare. And I find the Elmax mule is a bit lacking compared with my two favorite (and most used) mules--but since those are k390 and s110v I can't really fault the Elmax for that.