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Thread: Native 5 fluted titanium on the way!!

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    Native 5 fluted titanium on the way!!

    Held one the other day at a dealer. Wow. This thing oozes quality.

    Anyone else got one? Can't wait to get it!

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    Yes i snagged one of these a while ago, native 5 is one of my favorite models. With the finish on this one it was irresistible. Congrats on the score!

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    Big Congratz on a super nice knife.
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    Congratulations! It's a beautiful and very useful knife...

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    I had one. It is beautiful. I didn't love it though so I gave it to my Dad. He loves it.

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    Congrats! Just don't drop it on concrete .

    I think the fluted Ti is beautiful. I like it enough that I have 3 of them (and 3 fluted Ti Military's). After searching for them for a long time, it was hard to resist the urge to buy when I came across another one . I'm just glad that they have been able to get more of them produced, the Native's are more available now. The Millies are still a bit scarce.

    I really like the feel of the grooves in the Ti when I fondle mine. That and the near-perfect jimping. I don't carry mine in a pocket with keys or anything else though for fear of scratching the Ti.
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