All joking aside, I'm feeling pretty low. My favorite (and third) Spyderco met with an accident on the way home today. Welp, back to the report:

It was raining. I needed to be somewhere fast. I was running from the bus station to that place when I hear a small click, not unlike the sound a tic-tac container makes falling on the counter. I turned around, and notice on the ground behind me my Techno, open, locked open. Not seconds before it was clipped securely in my jeans pocket, like so (zoomed out:

Anyways, I picked it up, hastily closed it so as not to alarm those around me and rushed inside. I scanned it quickly for marks. I saw some scratches in the titanium scales:

I then frantically searched for a place to go to make a more thorough inspection. Unfortunately, I had to settle for a stall in the Men's room. There I examined my Techno more closely. I discovered a massive flat spot where the relatively soft titanium had been, well, smushed.

After that I turned my attention to the blade. I was shocked and saddened to see that not only the tip, but the edge was damaged. Tip:

Other side:

Lastly, the poor edge;

Unfortunately my photography skills/camera combination is of sufficiently low quality to make it hard to see the extent of the damage, but I did what I could.

Now, I feel that there may be a couple of serious design flaws (or one time defects, I would be happy to hope for such a thing so as to keep Spyderco in as good of a light as possible) that allowed this to happen. First of all, the clip should not have let the Techno fly out of my pocket. (Now, for the sake of Full Disclosure, the clip is not the Techno clip, but rather a Sage 2 clip, the only difference being the finish. The clip was never modified and was securely tightened prior to the fall.)

Secondly, the short (hip to ground) fall should not have caused the Techno to have flipped open at all, let alone enough to engage the lock. I have no idea how this happened to be honest, but due to this the edge was severely damaged and in my opinion this is the worst of the damage by far.

Final notes: The stonewash certainly helped hid the smaller scratches. Until I saw the larger issues I was ready to put them down as character marks. The G-10 backspacer got one gear scratched, but after rubbing it for a minute with my thumb (smoothing the plastic scratches down) it is hardly noticeable anymore. The lockup is still solid as a tank.

Bottom line: I would really appreciate it if Sal is willing to exchange it for me if I send it in, since I feel that there were manufacturing defects in play here, and no negligent behavior (unless we are never supposed to run with clipits). However I want to be clear that I am still a loyal fan and will continue to buy Spyderco knives whether or not Sal agrees to do this for me. I love Spyderco, and I love the Techno. I still recommend it, only with the warning that you have probably all heard before: Don't run with knives.