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Thread: A french man in New York

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    A french man in New York

    Hi Folks
    I'll be in New York for the first time of my life in the begining of June
    Of course, it's an opportunity for me to look for Old Spydies from 1990 ...
    Where can I find an official dealer nice and why not cheap ...
    Thanks in advance
    All the best from France ;-))

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    unfortunately, you aren't going to find any official dealers in nyc. ny has a very poorly defined knife carry law - as a result, i believe it is spyderco's policy to limit distribution to slipjoints and small fixed blades. in general, nyc is not a great place to find knives. those of us who live here have to find reputable dealers who will ship to ny

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    Thumbs down Don't Waste your Time Looking for Knife Shops in NYC

    Hi Monsieur Bob!

    NYC has almost nothing to offer regarding Knife Shops. And forget about Dealers, those certainly don't exist in the city.

    Excluding Paragon Sports, which might be the only place to look for some (very small) knives exhibition, there are no significant stores to look for.

    And even there you'll be lucky if they have more than 2 o 3 Spydies, and all of them way overpriced.

    So, considering that you'll be visiting and your time will be limited, don't waste it trying to find something like a Cutlery Shop while in NYC.

    Your best move to find anything relevant would be to order some models online and get them send to your address in NYC, so when you arrive you could pick them up and take them with you in your travel back to France.
    Stay Sharp!

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    In the old days NYC and all the major cities were packed to the brim with wonderful knife shops. In the 1930s and 1940s and before, New York City, even on Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, people who live there and who know knives have told me, as well as my studies on old catalogs, old stores, and knife makers, you could buy everything from 1 inch pen knives all the way up to fully automatic "switch blades" and Balisong knives (Balisong aka Butterfly knives have been around since the 1800s or before), Bowie knives, sabers, and broadswords. All of that changed in recent decades.

    There are good knife retailers who will sell you them via the internet and catalogs.

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    New York
    LC Kid's advice was spot on. Sad, but true.

    Have a wonderful time in NYC!
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    NY is mainly the land of "No" unfortunately these days.
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