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Thread: A good fixed blade.

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    If you are going exclusively with Spyderco, then the Bushcraft. You may want to bring a hatchet or small forest axe with you as well if you are making shelter or plan on processing a lot of wood.
    If you want only knives, you probably will have to get a big chopper, and a smaller knife. In this case Buscraft is your small knife, and for choppers , Spyderco currently does not have anything that can measure with big blades such as BK9, ESEE Junglas, and if you have a lot of funds GSO10, or Busse(if you have tons of funds)

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    I have an awesome knife from Raker Knives, from his bug out series. This is a custom maker who is a super nice guy on top of his amazing talent . But on factory made knives I really like the Seratta, read up on it, the cast 440 sound like an amazing steel, although I have not actually used mine.

    So In the spyderco line Seratta firstwith the bushcraft being 2nd. I would say no to the rest. Southfork is a hunting knife, I have one and like it but would not take it as a woods knife. Moran is a hunting knife that I don't like at all compared to other hunting knives. The others are all for something else, The Mule series I love but not for a woods knife. If you want to do some assembly look at Enzo Knives, you can buy completed, in a kit to finish yourself, or blade only.

    I just got a Benchmade Bushcraft and do not like the Ergo's at all so will be selling it. Not to bad mouth Benchmade, I do like the hunting knife, I think the model is 15000-1, but only as a hunting knife, not woods. And to be clear on the difference, a hunting knife is first and foremost made to cut the flesh of large game, so a thinner knife is better. In the woods you want a tougher knife so thicker is better. There are other specialty brands that make specific bushcraft knives and some very good ones. But again in Spyderco the Seratta or Bushcraft. Seratta is stainless, Bushcraft not if that matters to you.

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    You mentioned cutting grass and vines, hard to beat a cheap Tramontina or Imacasa machete (but *don't* buy one of those cheap Walmart pieces of crap machetes).

    From the Spyderco lineup, I love the Bushcraft for woodwork - I don't think it would be my first choice for food prep or slicing tasks though . Any of the Mule Team knives would be great, but you'd have to wait until the next run in the next steel or find one on the secondary market, I think they are all sold out of the last run? The Mule Team shape is just like a smaller version of the Temperance 2.

    As long as you aren't going to abuse it, I think the Bill Moran is a heck of a knife, especially when you consider the price. A very good slicer. Not full tang, but use your machete for beating on firewood .
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    Thanks guys, I think I'm gonna wait for the next mule.
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