Any Terminator fans here? Question for you: Why does Skynet seem to be bent on eradicating the human race? Wouldn't the logical thing be to work together with the humans who want to be partners or friends/allies, and improve the world, and the universe, together?

A man named Hans Moravec (computer scientist from MIT) has spent decades studying AI and trying to develop them, artificial intelligences. He seems to be on the optimist side. He wrote two books, "Mind Children" and "Robot", in which he speculates the human race will develop human level AI and well as general purpose nano assembler replicators..and will transform the Earth and the universe into a paradisal place where both humans and machines work together for the betterment of all. Sortof like a Star Trek version of Terminator, instead of the dystopian machines killing people version.

What do you all think?

Ray Kurzweil, the guy who made the concept of the technological Singularity famous, thinks humans ourselves will use nano and bio tech and AI tech to make ourselves into the super minds.

But, again, why does SkyNet seem to have such a malicious hate for humans?