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Thread: Found a task that S110V is NOT good for

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    Quote Originally Posted by tvenuto View Post
    Sigh, I guess I didn't use precise enough language for teh interwebs. I've been out of engineering school for 12 years, and out of engineering for 3, so maybe there's a better word for this that I'm forgetting?
    Nope. Ductile vs Brittle fracture.

    And again, I'm not saying that there was some sort of defect or problem with the steel, or that this is inherently a bad steel for knives, or that the blade should not have broken or anything like that. I was merely trying to explain why we see a broken blade instead of bent one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliff Stamp View Post
    If you want, send me a PM, I know people who can turn that into a fixed blade.
    I for one would love to see this happen! Lemon-aide out of lemons!
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    Make a fixed blade¡

    Edit : cliff bet me to it. I would have turned it into a fixed blade with partial tang by now
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChapmanPreferred View Post
    I for one would love to see this happen! Lemon-aide out of lemons!
    It went back to Spyderco for evaluation.

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