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  • No. I use the factory edge until it needs sharpening.

    40 38.46%
  • Yes. I reprofile/sharpen before using.

    20 19.23%
  • Maybe. Will resharpen only if not satisfied with the factory edge.

    44 42.31%
  • It depends entirely on the steel and the intended use.

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Thread: To sharpen or not to sharpen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameron View Post
    I'm getting frustrated with these new knives, because I can't sharpen these damn super steels with a Sharpmaker, I must be doing something wrong. I may have to look at a different sharpener or something.
    Go SLOW with some of the harder steels like ZDP-189. The Sharpmaker will do a decent job, but you'll need to triple the number of passes at least compared to VG-10, and use very light pressure. I haven't had to sharpen my CPM-S110V Forum Native yet, but I expect it to be similar to ZDP when sharpening. SuperBlue takes WAY fewer passes than most steels I've tried on the Sharpmaker, and I haven't had to sharpen my CruWear Millie yet, but I expect it will be a bit easier due to not being stainless. I was amazed how quickly my SE Dragonfly Salt sharpened up after using it as an impromptu drywall knife (~8' of cutting)...H1 seems very easy to maintain (Similar ease on my H1 Ladybug, though I've all but retired it as it's an older pinned model and has a fair bit of blade play after many years in my pocket...and some abuse). I typically run the factory edge to get a feel for how long it will hold an edge, though I do seem to notice a slight improvement after a few sharpenings...probably due to the heat generated in the grinding of the edge bevel affecting the stability of the edge.
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    You may just be getting unlucky and the bevel angle may be significantly different than the SM angles, thus you are not sharpening, you are reprofiling. If you don't have diamonds this can take a long time with high carbide steels. Get the diamond rods.

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    I'll only resharpen the factory edge if has flat spots. I've had a few brand new knives of many high-end brands show up with one or two flat spots on the edge, thus I'd have to pull out the Spyderco Sharpmaker and see if I could take care of them with the Spyderco Medium Tri-Angle Stones. Typically, they aren't abrasive enough, so out come the Spyderco Diamond Tri-Angle Stones. That does the trick.
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    Originally out of Arizona, currently live in Missouri.
    I use until the factory edge wears out. IN my experience the factory edge has been excellent.
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    If they have a shallow, useless (in my opinion) edge, they get reground. Example - the Pingo. Fantastic knife, but was seriously shallow and not a good slicer at all with the factory edge. That's rare, though. I use the edge they come with and steel them occasionally - lasts a long time, except my Salt 1 that I use every day at work.
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    My SB Stretch had a nick in the blade that would hang on everything so it got reprofiled quickly. Other than that, most of my Spydercos have come out of the box very sharp. I think the sharpest were the 154CM Manix and ZDP Caly Jr.
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    I used to treasure a factory edge No longer, a little bit of knowledge and acquired skill has corrupted me

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    It is not really a user if not reprofiled and sharpened.

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    I generally use the factory edge until it needs to be sharpened. There have been a couple of occasions where the factory edge wasn't that great so I sharpened immediately, but the majority are good enough to go straight to work.

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    Unless I get something that does not cut well enough, I use the factory edge until it requires a touch up.
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    Hello to All,

    I really don't know if there is something about knives sold in the UK

    In recent years, I have bought thirty-five knives (35) knives in the UK, including ten (10) Spyderco's (the other brands included Mora's, Benchmade's etc. - all 'good' brands)

    Of these 35, two (2) came with a very satisfactory factory edge (these were an unbroken sealed boxed Spyderco Caly 3 in VG10 and a unbroken sealed boxed Spyderco Squeak in N690).

    One (1) other knife had an OK edge (Enzo Trapper in D2).

    The other 32 were in various shades of blunt to extremely blunt. The very last knife I bought (made by a famous brand of outdoor knives) was so blunt it couldn't cut my skin with moderate pressure.

    So, in all those 32, I have had to reset the bevel and sharpen properly.

    Now, the above seem at odds with posters in various forums, particularly in the USA, who seem to have rather better luck with the as-delivered factory edges

    So, is this phenomenon peculiar to knives sold in the UK ?

    Have fun

    Best regards


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    I'll generally use a new knife with the factory edge until I have time to reproduce it to my liking. I generally prefer a pretty narrow edge with a micro bevel. The angle varies with steel and intended use, but my "standard" is 20/30.
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    I've seen a lot of variability in factory edges. I've also had many factory edges dull or chip too rapidly for my taste, maybe because the edge got overheated and lost temper, dunno. Now I just plan on reprofiling and resharpening everything. One benefit is that I can put the same edge on every knife and see how they compare - so I always reprofile to 10dps with a microbevel using the 30 degree setting on the Sharpmaker before I use a knife.


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    Hi Folks!

    Another vote here for using the factory edge till it gets dull.

    If you don't use it how could you say anything about it?
    Stay Sharp!

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