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I'm getting frustrated with these new knives, because I can't sharpen these damn super steels with a Sharpmaker, I must be doing something wrong. I may have to look at a different sharpener or something.
Go SLOW with some of the harder steels like ZDP-189. The Sharpmaker will do a decent job, but you'll need to triple the number of passes at least compared to VG-10, and use very light pressure. I haven't had to sharpen my CPM-S110V Forum Native yet, but I expect it to be similar to ZDP when sharpening. SuperBlue takes WAY fewer passes than most steels I've tried on the Sharpmaker, and I haven't had to sharpen my CruWear Millie yet, but I expect it will be a bit easier due to not being stainless. I was amazed how quickly my SE Dragonfly Salt sharpened up after using it as an impromptu drywall knife (~8' of cutting)...H1 seems very easy to maintain (Similar ease on my H1 Ladybug, though I've all but retired it as it's an older pinned model and has a fair bit of blade play after many years in my pocket...and some abuse). I typically run the factory edge to get a feel for how long it will hold an edge, though I do seem to notice a slight improvement after a few sharpenings...probably due to the heat generated in the grinding of the edge bevel affecting the stability of the edge.