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Thread: New hobby

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    David, those bikes are amazing!! Thx for the pics.

    I have toyed with getting a nice older road bike, but for a while my wheels have been a turn-of-the-century Cannondale F700.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xceptnl View Post
    Our terrain here varies, but I am certainly not looking for $4k top of the line and not looking for Walmart special either. We can stumble through the dark together.
    Doing some search queries through, I found what seems to be a good value for around the $400 price range. Check out: Airborne Skyhawk

    Looked up its specs, and it has decent mid range parts from what I read, and at $400 exactly brand new.

    Edited: OKay, upon digging deeper on mtbr, there are tons of great dealson mtb's iin that range, just gotta look around.
    Trek, Cannondale, GT karakoram 2.0 all look good to me

    I think would be your best bet for your search to find a bike with a budget in mind.
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    Lots of riding in our neck of the woods, I have been avid for more years than I would like to discuss. Still loving it.

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