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Thread: Tuff Convex?

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    Tuff Convex?

    Anybody tried this yet?

    I know razorsharp Travis has thinned his brute out ( he "did some stuff to his Tuff," BTW, love it! )...but...

    ...the Tuff one seems like a natural candidate for an appleseed edge.

    I can't see having to sharpen mine in this lifetime since the heaviest duty it sees is packing tape, the occasional blister pack, the odd box, etc.

    ....3V > paper & plastic ( a lot > )
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    I would think your estimation is very sensible. I personally don't plan to put one on mine, but I can see it working.
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    I thought these came with a convex grind, like the lionspy. Though they may have a flat primary bevel/edge.

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    I thinned mine and put a new convex edge on it. I posted a review on here.
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