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Thread: When other people show you their cheap knives....

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    I have to agree with the general thought shared in the previous posts of this thread:

    It is tricky business to try to educate someone that doesn't know any better when it comes down to quality cutlery.

    I recently noticed that a guy on my bus route started carrying a cheap, no-name Delica/Endura knock-off.

    What makes it even worse is that he is carrying it clipped to the pocket the exact opposite way it should be.

    (Clipped with the knife on the outside of the pocket—completely exposed to anyone.)

    New Hampshire is one of the most pro-gun rights States around and that is just asking for problems!

    (No, I am not going to confront him about this. It is not my place.)
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    I had an experience where a friend of mine, who knows I am a big knife guy and have lots of them, noticed my Endura Damascus in my hand. He asked to check out that fine piece of cutting perfection and asked "How much did this run you? $100." I chose not to admit the cost of that knife as I did not want to scare him away from quality knives. He is a gas station knife guy, but hey, atleast he recognizes a fine specimen when he sees it.
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    It never fails to amuse me when many guys and a few gals will see me working with one of my Spyders or any other high quality blade I might own. Then the next thing they do is to whip out some hideous piece of rip-mart garbage made in some 3rd World Hell Hole by people who don't even know of the word "metallurgy". It makes me want to bust out laughing when they tell me of the great bargains they nailed down at some mega-huge flea market or at some "dollar store". I have several people wanting to pay me good money to sharpen one of these pieces of pot metal junk but most of the time I refuse and tell them that I don't want to take their money unscrupulously.

    It's actually kind of rare anymore when one of my fellow workers or one of our volunteers does show me a knife that is at least average to good hardware store knife like a Buck or Ka-bar or Case or anything that's at least average or slightly above. The same applies with most people's kitchen cutlery as well. And when they use one of my knives they are usually mind-blown to say the least.

    The mega-discount stores that are ruining this country by leaps and bounds are truly making a generation of people who just don't know quality at all and sadly many of them don't even care. When you hear the old saying "You Get What You Pay For" it really applies heavily to the field of cutlery. I have never bought a Spyderco or any competitive brand of blade that I thought I paid too much for. Quality is the way I'm going from here on out. I would rather have one good knife than a drawer full of junk knives. The consumers of this country do continue to break my heart because at one time this nation stood for quality.
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