Story time...

So I work at different gas compressor stations here in the northeast and when I'm onsite (and offsite) I am looking to see what blades other guys carry. Usually I see a lot of traditional slip joints being used (Case), but I will come across the occasional modern day (one hand opening and pocket clip blade) knife guy . At one site I seen a Spyderco clip and asked the guy what he was carrying and he pulled out an Endura 3. It was used a ton but still had a ton of life left. It was awesome to see a used Endura like that.

Well just the other day I was in the lunch room reading my knife magazine and a guy walked in and seen me reading it. He said, "I see your into knives, well so am I." I thought, sweet someone to talk to about a hobby that I enjoy. He walks over says, "what do you usually collect?" I said I was into Spyderco's and pulled out my S110v Manix 2 LWT that I was carrying and handed to him. He said it was "cool looking" and handed back to me. He had never heard of Spyderco, Benchmade, or the other quality knife company before. I asked what he was into then and if he carried anything. He said "check out this awesome blade!" He pulled out a cheap gas station blade (you know the ones, being sold at guns shows and such) and handed over to me. I looked at it and wanted to tell him this is junk and to get a good blade for your money like a Tenacious, but instead I said "wow that sweet!" He told me he had others like that and would bring them in to show me. Oh great I thought, how many times do I have to lie to this guy? I know he was thinking how much better his blade was than mine that day because it said "tactical" on it and was spring assisted.

I guess this brings me to my question for everyone here, what would be your feelings in this situation? Have any of you had this come up? I may just be a knife snob and should just go with the flow, but I kinda get annoyed when I show someone (that tells me they are into knives) a quality blade and they just go "that's cool" and proceed to show me their crappy blade and I have to pretend it is as good as mine.

I have thick skin so if you think that I'm being too dramatic on the situation just let me know. Thanks in advance for all of your replies!!