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Thread: Possible to use too much nano-oil?

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    Possible to use too much nano-oil?

    Does it work better if you use small amounts? If I soak my pivot in it, will it make it smoother than if I use a little bit?
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    No, it will just make a mess and attract dust and dirt. It's just like most other lubricating oils in that a little goes a long way.
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    Agree with Clip. Plus it's one of the more wxpensive oils. In fact I have all three weights and you can mix them to create different viscosities (thickness). I mixed some 10w and 85w by 50/50 and am using it on knives. It doesn't work better. I did it to reduce the amount that runs out. Any oil I wipe off the tang is wasted oil (money). I also used the 85w by itself and it works great. Being thicker maybe it will stay between the tang and washers. OTOH, just a tiny drop of the 10w is perfect. You can go to and ask Christian also. He invented the stuff so he may know more about it. Nice guy to deal with also.


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