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Thread: The Power of Steel: Assurance to fellow Knife Lovers!

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    The Power of Steel: Assurance to fellow Knife Lovers!

    To all of my fellow knife enthusiasts, collectors, and knife people: You never have to worry or be concerned about running out of steel. The universe is literally packed full of the stuff.

    One of my topics of study is materials and space industry, and this universe is filled with billions of stars and billions of planets and billions of asteroids, meteors, heaps upon heaps of metal rich rocks. Let me post to you some stats and tables first:

    Here is a table of elements in the Earth's crust on that page. As you can see, five percent of the entire crust of the Earth is iron. That does not include the millions plus tons of iron in the mantle and core of the Earth, in the inner and outer core. There is speculation that there are massive crystals of nickel iron alloy, aka, stainless steel.

    Here is another table of this info:

    The Earth is full of carbon, iron, silicon, and other atoms for our use.

    The Earth is but a speck in a universe of riches.

    Check this out showing abundance of elements in the universe:

    There are Near Earth Asteroids and the Asteroid Belt, and these contain billions to trillions of tons of every atom/element you could ever desire. There is cobalt, platinum, titanium, iridium, iron, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, silicon, all of them.

    One of my points in posting this is to refute the "Limits to growth crowd" of "Malthusians." Ever since this man named Malthus in the 18th century cynically and negatively predicted that human population growth would overspread resources, there have been followers of this man over the centuries who have been making such predictions. In the 1960s and 1970s the "Club of Rome" and other Malthusians/Anti-human growth people predicted that useful metals would face a massive scarcity shortage and human population would outstrip global food supply. I have one thing to say to all of them: ABSOLUTE NON-SENSE!

    The universe is full of Hydrogen and Helium as the most abundant elements, and all of the other 92 natural chemical elements. Matter/Mass is nearly unlimited for human uses. The universe is full of hundreds of quadrillions of trillions of watts of energy from all of the fusion power furnaces called stars all across the universe. There are millions and billions of galaxies, stars, and other structures to tap into and use. LAND, ENERGY, and MASS/MATTER are ABUNDANT IN THE UNIVERSE!

    The naysayers tried to say that cheap labor will run out and society will collapse. Wrong. The same people have written books and made websites predicting that there will be a massive water shortage. Wrong again. The Earth is more than 70 percent covered on its surface of water. Most of that water is brackish salt water, but the solar electric conversion revolution that has begun and which will make fossil fuels OBSOLETE (once we have cheap nano-assembled/nano-replicated/3-D Printed Solar Electric Cells and Batteries). People say "Solar doesn't have the energy density to compete with gas." It doesn't matter. Once we can produce millions of tons of solar cells and solar paint and solar batteries and spread them all over all of the unused road surfaces, rooftops, building sides, and all sorts of other places, solar power will destroy fossil fuels and make them obsolete. Some say the petroleum will be used for plastics and chemicals. No need. We can convert all of the excess (billions of tons!) of carbon that man has spewed into the Earth's atmosphere into fullerene, diamond, polymers, plastics, graphene, and whatever other carbon material we want.

    Once we develop molecular assemblers/replicators and synthetic biological machines such as artificial programmable ribosomes and programmable cells, we can cleanly, greenly, and dirt cheaply produce matter like nature does. EVERY YEAR THE NATURAL WORLD OF BIOLOGY PRODUCES MILLIONS OF TONS/MEGATONS of atomically-structured/molecularly structured matter, at room temperature/ambient temperature, without toxic pollutants, using cheap nearly free solar energy.

    Eventually we will have Nano Replicators and Nano Assemblers and Nano Factories that will be used to do all of this. Then add the massive unlimited resources of space. Assemblers will be used to break down asteroid rocks, and will be used to convert the abundant elements on the Moon/Lunar surface into useful materials for humans. The Surface of the Moon is full of PLATINUM GROUP METALS.

    Several Metal Rich Asteroids would PAY OFF THE TOTAL UNITED STATES DEFICIT. This has been calculated: One large metal rich asteroid has over 14 trillion dollars worth of Platinum group metals, and is full of COBALT and IRON and NICKEL. Think this: The Solar system and universe is full of NATURAL VG-10 STEEL! Think about it. And this solar system is but a speck in a massive universe.

    Now onto the knives: Once we have replicators, any knife can be produced from any form of steel or exotic materials one desires. The basic blueprints will be circulated and people can scan the three dimensional structure of any knife, and there will be no discontinued blades. You will be able to cheaply have any and all the knives, swords, daggers, and edged tools you desire, at dirt cheap prices. Space resources will make dirt cheap, dirt, dirt cheap.

    And then enter FUSION. It is inevitable that we will learn to construct power plants that copy the processes in the stars and suns. Once we have controlled nuclear fusion we can take HYDROGEN and TRANSMUTE it into heavier elements. You can make carbon, cobalt, iron, nickel, anything, by fusing the hydrogen into heavier atoms, once we have this ability.

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    PS: The universe is also full of these things called white dwarf stars. These are stars that have burned out their fusion processes, and, the sheer weight causes them to collapse in on themselves, by the gravity, and the electron clouds are compressed into ultra-dense forms. At the center of these stars are diamonds and carbon.

    There is also abundant carbon dust in the universe. Entire clouds of the stuff. So, don't worry about resource shortages. These people say "Oh we are running out of the oil and the economics of it won't work." Economics Schmechonomics. Technology is technology. Abilities are abilities. The econonomic part is dependent on "bulk technology" as it is now. Once you have self-replicating, self-reproducing assemblers/replicators that you can program to construct whatever materials you need and desire, the entire basis of capital for material goods is thrown out the window.

    The amazing power of Self Replicating Machines is that it ENDS THE HISTORICAL LIMITS OF CAPITAL that have held society back!

    Example: If you want a knife factory right now, you have to invest at least hundreds of thousands to millions or more of dollars. Same goes for a computer chip making factory or a car factory or clothes factory. And yet you can go buy a pound of potatoes that are full of thousands of intricate molecular parts and genes...for a few dollars or less. The potatoes are so cheap because they are self replicating. You can plant one of those potatoes and grow more potatoes. If you could do that with computer chip factories, car factories, and knife factories, you would have factory making factories, and the costs for the goods would drop to that of cheap agricultural products...or less.

    So this advanced Self Replicating Machine technology will suddenly bring us a world where nearly anyone and nearly everyone has powers and abilities that previously only existed in the hands of the very wealthy or governments. This is music to my ears and should be to your's, too. It means every Joe and Jane in the world will be able to produce all the stuff they want, cheaply, cleanly, nearly freely. Matter will become Software.

    Right now I can reproduce an image of a Spyderco Caspian Salt knife, to my hearts content. As long as I am reproducing the image of this knife, I can print out a stack of 100 or 1000 or even 1 million copies, as long as I had the paper, and ink, and the electricity to power the printer, and the blueprint/design/image.

    In the future, we will carry this over into the MATERIAL WORLD. Are you all happy?

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