Hi guys,

Recently bought a Delica (for camping) and fell in love. Just couldn't put the thing down! Every time I come across a task which requires a blade now I immediately kick myself for not having the Delica on hand. Being the Delica is a bit too large for everyday carry in Sydney, I subsequently purchased (en-route in mail) a Dragonfly VG10 (for work - rope access) and also an Ambitious which I planned to use for a casual EDC as well as 2x Dragonfly Salt's as gifts )One for my father and the other for my friend who are both into boating).

However, looking at photos of the Ambitious handle / liner-lock and various videos on Youtube, I have noticed that the Spyderco hole is somewhat obstructed where the left thumb would open the knife.

So, any Ambitious owners out there mind doing a bit of left-handed testing for me?

Opening the blade using the left thumb
Opening the blade using the left middle finger (if thumb deployment is an issue, would middle finger deployment be viable for primary method?)
Easiest method of closing the blade left handed

Thanks guys!