Hi guys,

I've been a big fan of Spyderco knives for a long time. It all started with me buying a classic Endura 4 and a Delica soon afterwards. Since then I've been to a Spyderco Meets in Amsterdam which was awesome.

But now I've tried to design my own Spyderco knife. It incorporates a more sizable hand guard then you would find on most spyderco knives and I tried to emulate a little of the grip of a RAT-I and II which I love as well.

It's called the Dutchie since I'm Dutch and thought it would be a fun name. The blade has a Full Flat Grind, the dimensions are a little on the guestimation side, but my intention is for it to fall between an Endura and Delica knife.

Hope you all like it and provide me some informative feedback.

- Hitman4Hire

Full Knife - Open and Closed.

Detail on how the knife looks closed and the position of the lanyard hole.

Jimping Details on the Finger Guard and Choil.